14 Goals for 2014

I’m a little behind schedule posting today – I think it’s about noon in DC, but it’s 6:30 pm here in Italy! We spent New Year’s Eve enjoying a four-course meal with new friends and then watching fireworks in the street; I wore a crop top for the first time ever, and then we watched the first half of Despicable Me 2 from our hotel room as we listened to the streets of Florence – literally roaring outside! Europeans sure do know how to ring in the new year hard!
Even though we’re far from home and having a very unusual, albeit wonderful New Year’s celebration, I’m cogniscient of the fact that it’s a time of reflection, renewals and goal setting, and I’m all for that stuff!

Brika Goal Stamp

I’ve been writing about ideas for expanding Fit for a Bride for awhile and I’m always sharing them – there’s a heck of a lot that I want to do – but I thought sharing 14 for 2014 would be fun! So, here’s a little list of goals for this blog in the new year! Share yours in the comments.

  1. Solidify my message and make plain what this blog is really about. It’s not about getting skinny for your wedding day or dieting or even paleo, but rather, about finding confidence and peace with your body! About learning to love and care for your body through all stages of life, including, during wedding planning and beyond!
  2. Be social about my blog! Post updates to Facebook and Instagram. Stop being shy about it; it’s nothing to be ashamed of!
  3. Pitch to some major magazines. I’ve always dreamed of a little mention in Oxygen or the local express paper.
  4. Rebrand the Fit for a Bride logo. I want Joy to letter it!
  5. Open a shop. The plan to is put our lovely new logo on t-shirts and tote bags, and send them to some of our real bride features!
  6. Publish Salad club, the ebook!
  7. Start my other e-books. I’m working on two: Back, Bis & Tris, the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Buff Bride and The Newlywed Guide to Cooking Unusual Foods.
  8. Build a better website. I want this site to be more inviting, more user friendly, and convey the FFAB manifesto plainly.
  9. Get. a. pull-up. Just one!
  10. CrossFit more.
  11. Eat less sugar. Sugar is my nemesis.
  12. Get certified. This is a biggie.
  13. Seminar! Details on this later!
  14. Read more. Read my Bible more, find more time for quiet, for painting, and for just being; and have less stuff.

You like how I throw three or four in the end there!

What are some goals that you have in 2014? 

Do you have a blog? What goals do you have for it?

Image + Goal Stamp via Brika

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  1. Kristie W wrote:

    Great goals, Sara. You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

    I made some goals. The biggies are all house related since it will be 5 years in July since we bought our home and we need to get it in better shape. I have some crafty goals as well. I hope to blog more but don’t want to stress over it since it’s a fun thing!

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Italy!

    Posted 1.2.14 Reply
    • Sara wrote:

      So true that blogging is fun and shouldn’t be something we stress over! I imagine the to-do list for house projects never end, but again, enjoy the journey!! Happy New Year, Kristie!!

      Posted 1.8.14 Reply