Eps. 4: Falling in Love & Having Fun Amid a Medical Crisis with Steph “the Hammer” & Ty

Steph “the Hammer” is a Nike-sponsored athlete and the first CrossFit coach with cerebral palsy to obtain the level two certificate. She’s used to to the spotlight, but when she first met Ty, he wasn’t impressed! He asked “What’s a girl in a wheelchair going to teach me about lifting weights?” Only to later discover Steph’s unique coaching style was not only effective, it was inspirational. The two weaved a path to North Carolina where they opened Hammer-Driven Fitness, but the road to get there wasn’t easy. Steph endured chemotherapy to treat stage 3 lymphoma, but if you ask these two of them about it, they say, “we made it fun,” as the gush over memories of weaving through New York City in Steph’s powerchair, meeting people and trying new restaurants. 

This episode is about making a way out of no way and having the guts to choose. As we listen to this show we can’t help but feel invigorated and optimistic. This one is especially good for coaches, trainers and people who find themselves feeling overwhelmed and defeated at times.

Show Notes:

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