His & Her Favorite Things (April)


CHEMEX: Aaron has a morning pour-over ritual with his chemex that he says it’s a slow ease into a busy non-stop day; we joke about his obsession to get coffee beans blended to a “sea salt” consistency, in the grinder 15 seconds max!

RYOBI CORDLESS DRILL: We haven’t shared the full before/after of our home barn gym but it’s coming soon, and Aaron will tell you, none of it would have been possible without this handy tool; its his very favorite!

NO-BULL TRADITIONAL DUFFLE: This gym bag is pricey but it’s durable and sturdy enough to withstand daily use. It’s also Aaron’s favorite thing, EVER— waterproof!

WENDY’S APP: If you caught our stories last week you saw the side conversation @ayteel and Aaron had about fast food! Aaron is forever thankful to Austin for telling him about the Wendy’s app since he’s been known to grab a Junior Baconator on occasion!


STARBUCKS COLD BREW + REDDI WIP: I’m obsessed with ice coffee but get sick of spending $5 a day at Starbucks! This home concoction has saved me: just pour cold brew and almond milk over ice and add some coconut/almond milk reddi wip for the perfect sweet/creamy texture.

ROGUE BELLA BAR: We splurged on black Friday to outfit our barn and this hot pink barbell was a must have item for me! As a second-time mom returning to the gym with a lot more apprehensiion (and weight), this girly barbell has been the best incentive!

VEGAN HAIRCARE: I don’t share a lot of hair stuff here but if you follow me over at @bestrongmom, you’ve no doubt seen some reference to my favorite Monat!

LADYBOSS ANTI-BLUE LIGHT GLASSES: These are so fun, I’m obsessed! They’re cute but also bring out my altar-ego that allows me to get out of my comfort zone (refer to our launch video where I’m wearing these).

What’s your favorite things this month??

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