Getting Fit Again: January 2020

January is over, phew! Did you catch all the memes about it feeling like an entire year? I couldn’t agree more! It’s been a long month indeed! But, it’s been a good one; one for the books! I finally feel like I’ve hit a stride with getting fit again and I wanted to recap my efforts with this simple three-part view: stop doing; start doing; keep doing! Cause after all, this is journey that should last well beyond a month, or two! So let’s dive right into what’s working, and what I need to work on!


Stop eating cookies and making random stops at McDonald’s & Wendy’s for crap like sundaes and frostys! (face palm) Sweets are definitely my weakness and it’s not helpful if they’re within reach. I get into a lot of trouble when I don’t eat and then go looking for something quick to satisfy my hunger (goodbye sleeve of oreos!) but I did resist a lot of temptation in Richmond during our stay our stay at the Reinhardt House. I vividly remember struggling with the abundance of free food flowing there last year and this year was a huge improvement. This year, I made a conscious effort not to revisit the kitchen after JR went to bed; in fact, I usually went to bed with him (sometimes as early at 7:30) and it felt really good to use the time away from home for real rest! I also began dabbling with intermittent fasting during this time, but more on that later.


So here’s the honest truth: I say I’m doing RP but I definitely fell-off the last week of January and slacked on meal prep and logging! I’ve skipped weighing food and made a lot of concessions for things that weren’t on plan or part of the daily marco-breakdown I’m aiming to achieve; all of which usually leads me right back to go ole’ Chick-Fila! Lol. I need to start taking meal-preps on Sunday seriously; planning ahead by cooking, weighing and packaging food for the week. Also prioritizing my meals/planning ahead and not just buying what’s convenient to feed the kids (easy-mac, chicken nuggets, french fries and oreos), which inevitably I’ll eat if I don’t have something prepped and ready to grab!


Gosh, for once, in what feels like a long time, there’s a lot I can keep doing! Keep trying, keep logging, keep reading/listening to helpful books, and keep working out; keep posting/sharing on social media for accountability; keep going! Just don’t stop, no matter what the scales says, or if you have a bad day, or a couple! KEEP DOING THIS RIGHT HERE!

I think the biggest “win” in this category for January was definitely with workouts! I signed up for the Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge with Street Parking (#cyoa2020) and picked the “consistency” track to log five workouts a week. It’s been really hard to budget the time for this — most days I’m working out at 8pm after I get the kids down — but every single time I do, I feel so darn good afterward! Even a 10-or-20 minute workout can shift my whole perspective on the day! I’m really proud to look back over the past three weeks and see just how many workouts I logged; it’s been more than the total six months prior! (Crazy!) Joining a group of other new street parkers in a #Roadto75 Facebook group has also been really motivating! Street Parking members receive a coveted sweatshirt after logging their first 75 workouts, and I’m aiming to get mine by the end of March!

Wanna play along?

What are some things you can stop doing, start doing, or keep doing? Did you set New Year’s Resolutions?

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