Hindsight is 2020: The Best of this Year

I may be in the minority sharing this, but if I’m honest, I don’t think 2020 was all bad! I’ll admit that I have a way of softening a lot of tough things and it’s worth pointing out that with this post, I am in no way am I downplaying those of you who may have experienced illness or loss this year; there’s been a lot of that. The number of deaths and heartache is astonishing, and level of burnout and suffering I’m sure is rampant in the medical community, especially—my heart goes out to you.

I had the fortunate (although I’ve often lamented unfortunate!) ability to stay home… all the time. No reason to go to the hospital, or even the store for that matter and with that, came a lot of challenges but some sweet silver linings too.

Here’s my favorite things about this year!


School is hard … don’t get me wrong, and a lot harder while juggling work and a two-year old at the same time but I absolutely adore drawing, writing, coloring, and learning alongside JR. He’s so smart! It’s wonderful to see him learn and discover new things, and he surprises me everyday with his intellect, speech and humor (and resilience— it’s a long day for him). It really is truly a blessing to have this insider view of his school experience and to have him home with me in a safe space where he’s comfortable and can be himself, experiencing it. Kindergarten is such a big transition and I don’t think I was even ready for it! But together, like all things, we’re bracing it together and getting it done!

Virtual Happy Hours


At some point early-on during quarantine my best girlfriends decided we needed biweekly happy hours and I’m not sure how I would have survived without them! I absolutely loved catching up with these ladies every week! We did venture out a small handful of times for a traditional girl’s nights but the calls were where we were able to really talk, catch-up and encourage each-other. I’ve loved them, and so glad we started doing this!

Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown!

Phew, this kid! Haha. We pulled him out of daycare at the start of everything in March and at first, it was a huge adjustment. I mean, it’s still hard some days with work/school, but in all honesty I have loved having him home. We are close. I mean, close-close! I also think he’s a lot closer to JR, because they spend more time together. But all this has come with the high price of daily tantrums and meltdowns. A lot of yelling, storming off, screaming, and begging for cookies, at 7am. Lol.


All the home projects

Many of us poured into our homes during the pandemic as they became the place where we do it all from work to school to play! I’ve absolutely loved this part of 2020 and I’m proud of everything we’ve done in our home — including, for instance the mural in the kid’s room.


Smaller Birthday Parties

Cadens 2nd Birthday.jpg

If you know me IRL you know I love to throw parties and entertain — especially kid’s themed parties! But this year I really enjoyed more low-key birthday celebrations with just the four of us at home. It allowed us to really lean into our child and what they wanted to do (just really enjoying just them on their special day) rather than worrying about decorations, food, guests, etc. This was totally unexpected since I’ve always loved having get-togethers but something I learned to love in 2020. A zoom-call for the birthday song was enough for us!

So. Many. Selfies.

Plaid Top Joggers Jean Jacket and Heels.jpg

I’m ashamed to admit how many photos I have on my phone … but, buying this tripod halfway through the year and really pouring into my blog by taking + sharing more photos has been so much fun!

My favorite pictures are ones I’ve taken with the boys — they’ve become sort of accustomed to our routine of setting up the camera, setting the timer and counting down from 10! I love their little smiles and know I’ll treasure these images of this chapter in our lives forever and ever.

family walks

going back to quarantine when there wasn’t much to do because everything was shut-down or it wasn’t safe to even see otehrs or leave our house we enjoyed long walks together as a family! The kids have a passion for throwing rocks in the pond, and talking to their surroundings (“bye trees!”) and being out there altogether, just felt good and right!

Parking Lot Picnics

I loved my van before the pandemic but became even more obsessed when I realized we could setup camp in the trunk and have parking lot picnics to see/visit safely with friends and family during quarantine.

Trunk Picnics.jpg

the swing set

There’s honestly been something humbling and simplifying about this pandemic forcing us to find new ways to have fun and get outside together … at some point, a few weeks into it all we finally setup a swing set we’d bought almost a year earlier and man, it has been a blast every since! The kids absolutely love it! Coming/going all the time before the pandemic who knows if we would have ever gotten around to setting this up, or using it all that often for that matter!

The Tiny House

The pandemic forced us to cancel or postpone almost all our vacation plans, and there a good many: mexIco and even Paris! So we got creative and rented a tiny house to charter the fields of Northern New York for a night — wheelchair and all!

The surgery & Our trip to St. Louis


The walkway

A dream of accessibility was accomplished this year from a seed planted in 2018! It was well worth the wait to see this walkway and ramp protected realized for JR and it’s hard to remember what it was like before it now honestly! So many things with JR have taught me the lesson of patience! We waited years for certain services, certain accomplishments, and certain opportunities (hippotherapy; SDR) — it’s always worth the wait!

The Cousin Crew

We didn’t get to do much socializing this year but at some point we bit the bullet and decided it was okay to spend time with family, at the very least! This includes our nieces who are seriously the sweetest and most fun, and oh so loved by their cousins, JR & Caden.





Backyard Hangs

We utilized our backyard more than ever before! From cookouts to bon fires, to movie nights… this space was an oasis at home we enjoyed a ton!


The Holidays

Once again pouring into the house really paid off this year! Refining our style and honing in on my his and sharing about it with all of you has been so fun!



It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for over 10 years! Sometimes I think if that and cringe — wondering why I’m not further along. But then j realize I can’t compare my egging to anyone else’s middle or end! As I mentioned before, patience is really the key to so many things; and I think my efforts will eventually come to fruition— even if it is just for me getting to look back at all the pictures and this diary, really, I’ve geor of our lives over the years. took a blogging course in the fall that really helped me focus on the best ways to get back online in a product

Like many of you I’m walking into 2021 a bit apprehensive. I think many of us are paranoid that perhaps the pandemic just hasn’t gotten to us, or our family… yet; have we had COVID and just not know about it? Or is the worst yet to come? I sure hope not, and I pray we all get through this unscathed — taking with us into the next year what we’ve learned to love this year: the simple things in life, really: our families, our homes, and our health.

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