Our Virtual Kindergarten Classroom: The Ultimate List of Distance Learning Must Haves

Our Virtual Kindergarten Classroom Must-Haves

  • Kidney-Shape Table for Maximum Surface Area

  • Rifton Chair for Comfortable Sitting

  • Touchscreen Monitor instead of a Mouse

  • A Visual Aid to Outline the Day’s Schedule

  • Bucket for Everyday Items (Glasses, Important Papers, etc.)

  • Voice Level Chart to Illustrate Presenter Speaking Voice vs. Listening/Quiet Voice, etc.

Some other items might include: headphones, a wireless mouse, iPad or iPhone, laptop stand and/or angled tray with velcro to keep items in place, and/or folders to designate items we’ll be receiving from our service lines (speech, OT & PT).

Virtual Kindergarten Classroom.jpg

Virtual Kindergarten Classroom.jpg

Virtual Kindergarten Classroom.jpg

It’s t-minus kindergarten for JR in less than a week (whether we are ready or not) and I thought I’d share our virtual kindergarten classroom! I’ve tried a few different setups so far and this one seems the best – he already loves it – and it should work well because it’s right nearby my work area, which means I can hop over and help him when needed.

In the picture directly above you’ll notice another small table and chairs which is for JR’s younger brother who I knew would need a space of his own! At this point, we all have a place to plop down when the virtual “school” bell rings but what well happen from them, only time will tell. Lol! (Pray for me!!!)

All kidding aside, I’m definitely apprehensive about the school year like so many other parents but I have to admit I really enjoyed setting up this little home school corner and I hope to continue to add to it through the year as we get into a rhythm and figure out what’s missing (if anything).

I think JR is going to love school! He’s an eager learner and misses socializing. He’s been bored this summer with so many of our usual go-to activities canceled because of the pandemic. I believe school will bring a sense of structure and accomplishment to our days!

Our must-haves for this space were 1) a comfortable chair for JR — this chair was a donation from a local medical equipment clinic (check out Equipment Connections for Children in Maryland if you’re local) and 2) a touchscreen monitor since the mouse may be hard for him to control.

I also wanted to incorporate a visual calendar to display the schedule for the day, designating the subjects (whether it’s art, math, writing, etc). I absolutely LOVE these downloadable files from Etsy – especially the school subjects pack! We also use the toddler routine pack, days of the week and health + wellness PDFs. All I do is print and laminate them! In his room we use a magnetic white board to display the daily schedule — in our virtual classroom we’ll use the hanging pocket chart.

I would absolutely love to know what your space looks like and what fun or useful things you bought to setup for the school year! Are your kids home as well?

School Subjects.jpg

What does your virtual classroom look like?

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