My Caden Leroy, Where Has the Time Gone?

My baby boy is officially 3…

My heart can hardly take it!

Sassy, smart, and oh so helpful — Caden, I could not imagine our life without you!

* Beep, beep * Move over, * Caden Leroy is comin’ through! *


I can’t believe this fiery beautiful angle boy sent from heaven above is officially 3 years old this year. WHAT! I can’t believe 3 years you’ve grown before our eyes, always demanding to be seen and having a presence and personality that’s bar none. We love your funny (and oh so serious) facial expressions and when you flex with your ‘big muscles.’ I love hearing about your pups and how you don’t want to get out of your “jomma, joms’“ — aka, your PJs. There’s so much about you to adore and admire and my heart can’t take the thought of what it will be like to watch another 3 years, and another, and another. Oh what a gift your life is to mine on this earth!




Happy Birthday, Twin!

Love, mom xoxo

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