24 Days of Togetherness

IMG_7688I’m a big fan of Carrots ‘n’ Cake and read her blog almost everyday. When I saw her idea for 24 Days of Togetherness, i was instantly inspired! Aaron and I are going to try it this year, too!
Just like Tina suggests, we each secretly wrote out six things we wanted to do and then came up with a list of 12 things together. We got a bit of late start on this because we were out of town through Monday, but we spent the day together Sunday so that counts. 🙂

On my list was things like call our grandmothers and put together a christmas package. I think Aaron wants to buy some things for our God children and probably watch a Christmas movie! Together we decided to go to the National Cathedral for a Christmas Carol performance and buy our pup a Christmas sweater, among other things!

I just really love this idea and love starting new traditions so I thought I’d share!

Did you see Tina’s post about this? Are you participating? 


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