5 Unexpected Delights of a Standing Desk + Tips for Creating Your Own

Awhile back The Washington Post published this infographic revealing the health hazards of sitting all day. I saw the graphic but didn’t think much of it because well, I work in an office… have a traditional desk job… what can I do?
Well, fast forward to today and I’ve managed to create a standing desk at work, sit a lot less, and realize: this is awesome! I’m loving it! I’ve already begun to see benefits, not just with my body, but with productivity and the overall satisfaction I feel with my work environment. I thought I’d share the story of my standing desk with you guys!

This all came about when I went on a job detail 2 months ago, left my cubical, and got a sweet office! I’m really lucky because the office has a huge window and it’s very spacious – a lot different than my old cube!

Well, I caught wind of some conversations around my new job about a few people who created standing desks. I went and looked at one and got inspired! I immediately started rearranging the furniture in my office, but as you can see, my first attempt didn’t work so well – it was too high and looked pretty obnoxious too!

After a few more failed attempts (and weird looks from coworkers), I finally found a way to create a standing desk and still preserve my sitting area! As you can see, I put the coffee table on top of a cabinet – it’s not perfect, but it works! I also love the view!


I’ve been using the standing desk for about 2 weeks now and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome. I know standing is better for me health-wise, but it’s made work (and just my day in general) a lot better, too! Here are five immediate delights I’ve experienced so far:

1.) Productivity is up: Have you ever heard the attention span of human beings is as short as 10 minutes? Seriously, I believe it! I can really dig into a task for maybe, 20-30 minutes (max) but then I usually have to break things up by switching gears or stepping away and coming back, and a standing desk allows me to do just that! When I’m losing focus on a task, getting frustrated or need a change of pace, I simply switch to standing (or sitting) and I’ve found that small change in “environment” really re-sets my focus!

Tip: Of course, this only works because I still have the option to sit, which I highly recommend you do, too, if you decide to try a standing desk. It’s hard to stand for 8+ hours straight and having the option to sit (especially on the days I wear heels), is really comforting.

2.) I move a lot more: When I work from a standing position I find myself walking in, out, and around my office a lot more. It’s just easier to get walking when you’re already standing, whether it’s walking to get water, to go to the bathroom, or even just around in the hallway for a few minutes… I’m a lot less lazy working this way!

3.) The days go by faster: Alright, I’m not quite sure why this is, but it just is… Switching between a standing and sitting position, walking more, and overall, being more productive, I find the days go by a lot faster, which of course, I love!

Tip: Even though I’m standing now, I still find myself slouching and leaning quite a bit. I’ve actually had gotten a little back ache from leaning down from a standing position so I have to watch it and still remind myself to stand up straight!

4.) I eat less often: I’m one of those people who has a pre and post lunch snack everyday, but I don’t like to eat standing up (who does?)… So, as a result of standing versus sitting most of the day, I find myself less eager to eat. I’m a lot less bored, too, which I think helps minimize mindless snacking!

5.) I leave work on time: I’m not sure if this is because I’m a bit more focused now that I’m standing while I’m working, or because I’m standing and therefore, in a walking/leaving position, but I’ve been a lot better about closing down and leaving on time now that I’m working from a standing desk! Plus, while standing, I’m not as likely to get “stuck” on my computer, looking at something or writing something; the work is broken up!

Of course all of this is made possible by my awesome work environment and the fact that I work from a laptop, but, if you can, I highly recommend exploring whether a standing desk is an option for you too! Let me know how it goes if you end up with one!

I’m curious if you’d ever consider trying a standing desk? If you have, what was your experience? 

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