Motivational Quote: 90% Diet 10% Gym

Here is your Monday motivation!
It’s all about the diet!


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 My two cents: I’ve learned to love working out. When I first started going to the gym, back before our engagement, I felt instant satisfaction. Those endorphins hit and I was good! Eating healthy, on the other hand, doesn’t have that same immediate satisfaction (in fact, eating bad usually does!) and although it does feel good to make a good decision– like choosing salad over pizza– it takes time to see the result of those decisions. Not to mention, we’re faced with those decisions all day, everyday. Let’s face it: eating healthy is a minute-by-minute challenge and it’s so easy to slip up. There’s fast food restaurants all around, Starbucks lattes calling our name, and then husbands and friends who say, “you don’t need to diet! Eat this cake or have this glass of wine with me!”

I’m beginning to realize that in order to achieve my goals I have to a.) be prepared– not plan anything on Sundays or Monday nights so that I have time to meal prep, and b.) go against the grain– say no to dinners with friends and pizza night with hubby! Of course, everything in moderation, yes, yes. I’m not saying starve yourself or lock yourself in your room, but I do believe to actually make a change, you have to CHANGE.

… and so do I!

We got this!

What do you need to do to see progress?

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