April Post Round-Up

Hey guys! Even though we’re a few days into May, I wanted to do an April post round-up! I’ve been feeling like a blog failure the last two weeks because work has been busy and my trip to New York derailed my usual weekend blog prep but, when I look back through the month, I realize it wasn’t so bad after all!
Most notably in April, we started the new weekly challenge series — I’m curious, did you participate? I haven’t heard much from anyone week-to-week with these so I’m thinking of adding a second follow-up post to check-in and share how we did; what do you think? I’m always looking for ways to improve this series so it’s more effective!

There were two beautiful weddings on the blog this month and both were CrossFit couples! First, this pink and grey wedding with the SWAT officer and a surprise dance!


Then, this awesome CrossFit first look – a true one-of-a kind!


We had a little wedding real talk on what to do if you’re worried about wedding day photos and I shared two new recipes: this coffee mocha protein shake


And a pepperoni frittata!


We talked about crowding out and 11 healthy swaps, and I offered up a baby CrossFit workout for beginners!

On a more personal note, I had my 3rd wedding anniversary and a “me” day in April. I also did the benchmark workout, Elizabeth for the first time!

I got a FitBit and love it! I blogged 5 ways to get moving more!


I also shared my first time trying Soul Cycle and a wedding flashback!

As for my April goals, I got in a “me” day but not a blog day. I didn’t make it to an Olympic Lifting Workshop yet either. Hopefully I’ll get around to it this month — Naomi, we should make a date of it! I’m still working on my e-book and trying to log my food regularly! In the meantime, here are my May goals:

Begin a workout routine at work: Either go to my work gym at lunch or doing some variation of a workout midday (some squats or crunches). I’m NOT a fan of sitting in the same building, the same office for 8+ hours a day; not to mention the 30+ commute sitting in my car on the way there and back.

Say no to traffic: Speaking of commute, I’d like to start parking my car at the metro and taking a bus to the office. Traffic makes me CRAZY! This would be more cost-efficient and also help with my tendency to stay late for no reason… Versus: “I gotta go catch my bus!”

-Spring cleaning… I might start this TODAY. My house is in desperate need of a good spring clean, especially my closet! I’ve fallen out of the habit of laying out my clothes in the morning and so, when I go to get dressed (and I’m in a hurry), there’s nothing worse than sifting through a bunch of old, ill-fitting clothes! Time for a clean-out!

What are your May goals?

Do you have any big plans for Spring?

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  1. Naomi S wrote:

    yes!! After I’m settled in the house, I should have a free Sunday eventually to go to the Oly Workshop!

    Posted 5.4.14 Reply
  2. CrossFit Gardendale wrote:

    “MyFitMatch.Singles” is definitely going to be one website that everyone who is interested in fitness and dating, you have to try out.

    Posted 3.14.15 Reply