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I’m constantly devouring any and every tip, trick, and suggestion that I can find about blogging because I want Fit for a Bride to grow, and as I learn and discover new information, more and more I want to share my new-found knowledge! So here it is, in the form of a new category you’ll see pop up quite often, which I’m simply calling “blog tips.”
First up: Your Weekly Insights!

If you’re like me, you don’t know the first thing about deciphering Google Analytics. You know there’s valuable information THERE and it’s FREE and you SHOULD be looking at it, but you’re not quite sure how all that information translates into more traffic, which is ultimately what us bloggers want, right? More traffic? Hell yea!

That’s where comes into play! provides neat little information graphics with all the insight you could ever need from Google Analytics delivered to your email mailbox each week. For free. Yep. FOR FREE.

They say the best things in life a free, right? Yea, this is one of those things! 😉

Here’s a quick looksie at what’s happening on Fit for a Bride…


As you can see, provides tons of great insights about your pageviews, visitors, engagement and social media-generated traffic, and SEO search results. By the looks of this breakdown, I really need to step up my Twitter game! Minus 100 percent cannot be good! And I need to work harder on my SEO skills cause it appears to be dropping. I can feel good that overall pageviews are up! Of course I want them to be higher, but that’s why I’m using, right? Right!

PS: This is not a paid post! I’m promoting because I think it’s awesome!

PPS: Isn’t nice?? Saying this was an AMAZING week for Fit for a Bride! 🙂

What are your favorite tools for understanding your site’s traffic?

Do you understand Google Analytics? Do you check it often?

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