Further Branding of Fit for a Bride: Big Ideas for Expansion

I’ve hinted at my desire to expand Fit for a Bride beyond the blog and eventually sell FFAB apparel, as well as host a FFAB bootcamp. I’m considering adding virtual coaching and accountability to the mix as well, and one day, I hope to develop a full-on workshop/seminar to give women (like you!) a chance to connect and encourage each other. These are all really big ideas that will take time to develop, but they fully support my intention with this blog– which is to be inspired, and inspire the women I know and love (friends, family and readers from afar).
Each of these facets will fall into one of the following categories, all of which will make up the FFAB brand:


I also believe these services align well with my passions and personal strengths, which is why I’m so excited about launching them! Most people who know me know that I’m a people person– I love making friends!  I’m also extremely driven by the needs (and expectations) of others.  Whether that need is a shoulder to cry on or a swift kick in the pants, I’m there! And I pride myself on that…

I’m sharing all of this because I’m pretty excited about it! I’ve been asking myself why I blog and what this blog is really about lately. I’m investing a lot of energy into it, and some days, I’m not gonna lie, it feels like I’m getting no where. Thankfully, I’ve gotten a few really awesome emails and comments– those make all the difference in the world! But, at the end of the day, I need to know my intentions are here… Does that makes sense?

With all that being said, I’m in the process of developing a new website that will convey all of this, but don’t worry: the blog isn’t going anywhere! Just be ready for a whole lot more FFAB coming your way soon!

Do you have big dreams for your blog?

Have you ever considered writing out a blog (or business) manifesto?

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