Bridesmaid Proposal: 25 Ways to Ask For Maids

I’ll never forget the first few weeks of my engagement because I was beside myself with joy and excitement, and I was brimming with ideas. I remember looking into the fields of Virginia on our drive back from Tennessee, and imagining what kind of wedding I’d have, an outdoor or barn wedding, or maybe a tent reception? With each new vision came thoughts of who would stand by my side.
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Like I mentioned before, it wasn’t a week into my engagement before I started searching for cute ways to ask my closest friends to be my bridesmaids. I spent hours preparing special packages for each girl, with a personalized t-shirt and homemade card. In each one, I printed this poem:

A friend knows the song in your heart
And can sing it back to you

When you’ve forgotten the words.

It’s hard for me to believe
That in just a short while
Mr. Brooch and I will be
Walking down the aisle
Nothing would give me
More joy and pride
Than to have you there by my side.

I’ll need someone to help hold up my dress while I pee too!

Will you be my bridesmaid?

I don’t remember where I found the poem, but I liked it and thought it was cute! Nowadays, the poems and cards are so much better – and there’s a plethora of them! So, for all you newly engaged ladies, excited to bring your bridesmaids aboard, I compiled a list of 25 ways to ask for maids! I’d love to know your favorite from this list!

Will you be my bridesmaid cardsWill you be my bridesmaid cards

Will you be my bridesmaid cardsWill you be my bridesmaid cards

Will you be my bridesmaid cards

Will you be my bridesmaid cardsWill you be my bridesmaid cards


If cards and crafts aren’t your thing, you could always throw a swanky dinner party to ask your girls!

How are you planning to ask your friends to be bridesmaids?

Are you buying a special card or crafting something? 

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  1. Jen Carreiro wrote:

    Thank you for including our project in your gorgeous round-up!!!! They are all so gorgeous!!!

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