CrossFit Couples


Tying the Knot?

Friday Photo of the Day Friday photo of the week is this sweet North Carolina couple putting a seriously cute spin on the phrase, “Tying…

Sarah & Steve

Sara & Steve had a gorgeous wedding but for those who weren't there, a small detail might be overlooked: the first workout in lieu of a first dance! I absolutely love that this couple took a tradition that might otherwise be uncomfortable for them and put a spin on it so it was unique to them and most important, fun! Sarah, the fit bride shows off her sculpted shoulders doing a bent over reverse fly with what appears to be some pretty heavy weights! Read Sarah's take on fitness and the reason why her and Steve keep fitness a priority in their lives and their relationship below. Imagery is credited to Three & Eight Photography submitted via Two Bright Lights.


Nicole & Chris

When I saw Nicole & Chris’ engagement photos, I knew instantly that they were a perfect fit for our community and as I got to…

CrossFit Couple: Ashley & Ryan

I love that mainstream media is finally catching onto CrossFit couples! Hooray! But truth? I’ve known CrossFit couples were bad ass for awhile now. (Especially considering…

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