Choose your Caribbean or Latin American Wedding Destination

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Some friends of ours recently announced they’re having a destination wedding and it got me thinking of all a big day in the tropics has to offer! I can so easily imagine it – clear waters, sunny skies, cool cocktails, white sands, and that feeling that there’s no place in the world you’d rather be! It’s fun for you as the bride and your guests — what’s not to love about destination weddings?


The difficulty is really choosing where to have a destination wedding, isn’t it?

The details are pretty straight forward — tropical flowers, a welcome bag and, well, you decide: shoes or no shoes? That’s the beauty, right?

Right! The beauty is knowing you can slip away to someplace picture perfect like Aruba or a little wild like Cancun and volia! Your dream wedding and dreamy honeymoon are all rolled into one, waiting for you to enjoy it — get that? Enjoy it, not stress it!

So then, where is YOUR perfect destination wedding destination? The Caribbean or Latin America? The Grand Cayman or Curacao? Well, the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) collection represents 8 Marriott and JW Resorts properties in 7 beautiful Caribbean and Mexico Destinations, and, CALA has provided this fun Matrimony Quiz to help you decide which resort is right for you!

I love the fact that they’ve taken into account little details like no passport necessary? Or if you like the casino scene.

Take the quiz and let me know — where’s your dream destination wedding?

Are you planning a destination wedding? 

What’s your ideal destination for a wedding away from home? 

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