CrossFit Open: Week 3

So you’d think after two weeks of CrossFit Open competitions, this would start to get easier or at least, less nerve-racking, but nope, it doesn’t! I was just as nervous Saturday as I’ve ever been even though the workout was one I knew I could do — box jumps and deadlifts.
I made the mistake of signing up for the last heat and that meant hours of pacing around the box, watching others and just waiting around for my turn. It looked SO hard, too! Everyone was on BEASTMODE! Check out these badass photos of Wendy and Naomi!

CrossFit Open 14.3CrossFit Open 14.3

Naomi really killed it – she had just completed a half marathon that morning! Get it girl!

CrossFit Open 14.3

One of my biggest concerns was knowing how much weight to put on the bar between rounds because we had to load it ourselves and each increment was different (add 40 lbs after the first round, 20 after the second, 30 after the third, etc). But the benefit of going last was that the weights were already laid out in order for me!

CrossFit Open 14.3One girl numbered her weights to correspond with each round – smart! 

While waiting for my turn, I warmed up with an 800 m run, a 500 m row, and some stretching. But seriously guys, the waiting is the worst part! It’s SO much anticipation for 8 minutes – just 8 minutes!

CrossFit Open 14.3CrossFit Open 14.3

When it was finally my turn, I blew through the first round of 10 deadlifts (at 95 lbs), the box jumps, and the second round of 15 deadlifts (at 135 lbs) and box jumps.

Cue the most ridiculous faces, ever! (No pinning allowed!)

CrossFit Open 14.3CrossFit Open 14.3CrossFit Open 14.3

The third round of deadlifts at 155 lbs took awhile longer. My plan had been to split the 20 reps into two sets of 10, but I had to re-rack my weights a few times.

When I got to the fourth round of deadlifts at 185 lbs, I wanted to do more than one at a time but it was hard! Instead, I’d get one, drop the bar, and then do another. It was a lot tougher than I imagined it would be! Hence all the frightening faces I made!

CrossFit Open 14.3

Is there a ghost in front of me? Cause I look SHOOK! Haha

CrossFit Open 14.3

Seriously these pictures are the best! Lol! There’s how you FEEL doing CrossFit and then how you LOOK doing CrossFit! Two very different things!

CrossFit Open 14.3

I ended up getting 22 (of the 25) reps at 185 lbs and finished with a score of 112 reps. I was hoping to break 200 lbs with the deadlifts but there’s no way I could have gone any faster than I did! Given more time, I probably could have got to the next round (205 lbs) but who knows if I would have been able to deadlift that? Maybe I’ll try this workout again in a few months…

During this workout in particular, everyone was really encouraging and I don’t think I would have done as well without so much support from the others at my box! Aaron was yelling from the sidelines, Naomi was my judge, and Wendy was standing by yelling out too! The owner of our box, Linsey, was also really encouraging! It was awesome! I love that everyone shows so much support for their fellow CrossFitters! It’s all part of the fun!

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Oh, also, did you notice I ditched the black this workout? I’m slowly trying to revamp my workout wardrobe! 🙂

CrossFit Open 14.3

Do you make funny faces when you deadlift? 

How’d 14.3 go for you? 

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  1. Danielle @ itsaharleyyylife wrote:

    YAY! Awesome job! You rocked it! I got 97 reps. 185 was a pr for me and I got 7 of them! AHH! I’m still feeling it 2 days later.. I hope it gets better soon! haha.

    Posted 3.17.14 Reply
    • Sara wrote:

      That’s AWESOME Danielle! I love how the adrenaline (or whatever it is) allows us to breaks our personal records!!! I’m still sore too! It’s crazy! Are your thighs sore? Mine felt like fire! (Back and shoulders feeling it too!)

      Posted 3.17.14 Reply
      • Danielle @ itsaharleyyylife wrote:

        my legs, butt and back.. oh boy!

        Posted 3.18.14 Reply
  2. Sarah wrote:

    Holy hamstrings batman!!! Great job!

    Posted 3.18.14 Reply