CrossFit Proposal & Link Love

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Look at this awesome proposal moment captured by Koda CrossFit I found on Twitter!

Aww! Isn’t this the sweetest?? Congratulations you two! I’d love to hear more about this proposal and how it unfolded. I plan to reach out to Koda CrossFit and see if these two are interested in sharing more! What an awesome picture to have!

I hope everyone is pumped and ready for Easter this weekend. I’m going out of town but not leaving until Saturday. Aaron left yesterday because he’s off today and I’m supposed to meet him in Williamsburg tomorrow. I had plans to go to a happy hour tonight but it got postponed, so, guess what exciting alternative I have in mind? AN ENTIRE EVENING WORKING ON MY BLOG!! 🙂

Yep, the perfect Friday night is sitting uninterrupted in front of my laptop, working on the backend of my blog and writing future posts. You might have noticed I started toying with the design last night, which is why my sidebar is gone… please bear with me! 🙂

In other news- Cadbury Eggs. This is probably the first-ever Easter I haven’t had a Cadbury egg… yet! I keep seeing them out of the corner of my eye at the grocery store, but I’ve resisted! This time of year those and icing-covered cookies are my weakness! Of course I always feel gross after eating either (maybe because I eat more than one?) but I’m working hard to stay. away. What are your Easter food weaknesses?

Some weekend reading:

Brides: You might want to enter this giveaway for 10 Free Weeks of Workouts from Unite Fitness in Philly!!

Bloggers: I just discovered this website (authored by the creator of Oh My Veggies) and it’s filled with helpful monetization tips! This may have something to do with my itch to change things up around here! 🙂

CrossFitters: Have you ever heard of “Death by Barbell,” the WOD? This looks insanely awful! (Or awful amazing!?) The tank top is pretty cool, too!

What do you have planned for tonight?

Are you going out of town for Easter? 

How did you fiance propose? Was it a surprise? 

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  1. Kristie W wrote:

    I used to love Cadbury Eggs, now I find them a bit too sweet. My weaknesses are Peeps and Reeses Eggs 🙂

    I’m spending my evening catching up on blog posts and watching baseball. I’ve been trying to draft future posts for when I’m away and I’ve challenged myself to post every day this month. Over halfway there so far!

    We are staying in town and staying home for the first time in a few years. We still need to figure out a nice dinner for Sunday!

    My husband surprised me with a proposal in our new home before we moved into it. It was so special with just the two of us here. We were a mess from working on the house but I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

    Posted 4.19.14 Reply