Download: May-ke it Happen Calendar

Morning y’all!
Did you get your thoughts together for the May-ke it Happen challenge?

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

*Write your promise letter! (Instagram a photo of it and tag @Fitforabrideblog)

*Download the calendar for tracking your progress! (Download the calendar here.) (If you prefer an excel copy, email me. I’ll send you one!) 

*Fill in what your commitment is for the month, and post your calendar somewhere you’ll see it often!

*Get ready to kick May’s ass!!!

I am SO excited y’all! (Obviously I’m doing this too!) You can see my commitments (and my current meal plan) here.

I would love if you…

*Let me know what you are committing to accomplish! Leave a comment below!

Also, remember…

If you make it through the entire month, you’ll be rewarded with a surprise gift from me!

Let’s do this!


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