Electric Run 5k at National Harbor

Ever thought about becoming a runner?

Now’s definitely the time! To get started, sign up for an Electric run and brace yourself: this won’t feel like exercise. I promise! In fact, it doesn’t even resemble exercise! With its glow sticks, DJs, black light body paint, and costumes, it’ll feel more like halloween. A halloween rave. That’s what the National Harbor felt like on Saturday night.


People were decked out in full-on custome, lit from head to toe. Many wore bright-colored tutus or at the very least, neon tanks. The Harbor was buzzing with runners – they’d practically taken over the resturants and shops. I love the Harbor, by the way. We had our rehearsal dinner there and it’s just as gorgeous now as it was then, if not moreso with the addition of several new restaruants and shops.

2013-09-11_0001 2013-09-11_0002 2013-09-11_0003

Before we got in line to start the run, we had to get some swag! They were selling everything from t-shirts to light-up moholk headbands (see the image on the left below) to wigs and glowsticks and leg warmers… you name it!

I showed up wearing the race t-shirt and plain black shorts – totally boring! – so I bought some black light body paint (in bright pink) and a glow ring, and got myself ready!

2013-09-11_0004 2013-09-11_0005 2013-09-11_0006

I still felt somewhat underdressed. The costumes were outrageous!

2013-09-11_0007 2013-09-11_0008

And I decided I’m wearing a tutu next time.


As the sun went down, the energy in the crowd went way up! It felt like we were inching our way to the starting line – runners were let go in waves – and over and over again, we counted down from 10.

I could not wait to be released onto the course!


When we finally did take off, it was a fairly easy first mile. It was quiet along the first stretch and pretty boring compared to what awaited us near the end. I loved the first stop, though – a black light tunnel! What a perfect photo-op!



By the way, that’s our resident photographer in the black tunnel with me. This was her first 5k! CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN ON AN EXCELLENT RUN!

I thought it was really cool that we got to run along the water. I especially love the view below from the far west end of the Harbor. The Gaylord Resort is simply gorgeous all lit up at night!


The next few stops along the trail were really elaborate! They had a whole stretch of umbrellas hanging in the trees with blue and green spot lights on them. Then, in the second picture on the left below you’ll see a tunnel of enormous lit-up rings that actually changed in sync with the beat of the music. Coolest. thing. ever.

2013-09-11_0016 2013-09-11_0017 2013-09-11_0020

The finish line was pretty elaborate, too with a smoke machine and an entirely lit-up water station with neon-colored cups! It was really cool.  Not to mention the DJ. My God! The DJ was amazing! Everyone was dancing and throwing up their glow sticks. I think they might have been jacked up on caffenine (the event was sponsored by Rockstar and they were passing out free engery drinks all night). You can definitely get a feel for the intensity, watching this video I posted to instagram.

Afterward we took pictures in front of the official Electric Run sign, which was in all black lights, of course!



 And then, because I was exhausted, I went home! It would have been fun to party along with the other runners – and the party didn’t appear to be ending anytime soon – but I was ready to call it night! I got home a little after 11 p.m., which for me, is the latest I’ve ever come home from a race! They’re usually first thing in the morning. I have to say, I enjoyed the night-time vibe and I can’t wait to do another!

I’m looking at signing up for the 5k dance party in November!

Who wants to join?

Have you ever done an Electric run or other kind of fun run?

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