{Engaged} Sarah & Tyler by Rebecca Marie Photography

Good morning + happy hump day. Can you believe we’re almost a full week into November already? I still can’t, but my surroundings say otherwise. In Virginia, fall is in full swing and I’m reminded why I love this area so much. The leaves are a beautiful array of orange, brown, red, and yellow, giving vibrance to the dreary chill that’s settling in. I always take this time to try to soak in this transition before winter, and so, when I saw this picture-perfect fall engagement, I knew it would be a perfect one to share!
Sarah & Tyler have the sweetest love story. They met through Sarah’s brother, Nate, at her parents 25th wedding anniversary. Tyler is a pilot and flew to the event in his family’s Piper Cub (a two-seater airplane). After several exchanges through Facebook and email, Sarah & Tyler met up on their own and that’s when sparks began to fly. However, it wasn’t until Sara – having been afraid to fly for years took flight in Tyler’s two-seater airplane – alone! – that she realized her love (and trust!) for him. They tell the story best. Read it below!

Though Sarah was terrified of flying, she agreed to travel via Super Cub to Madeline Island for some camping. It wasn’t until she was strapped into the two-seater airplane that she realized Aaron wasn’t coming with… and that she was now tucked into a vessel she was dreadully afraid of, and on her way to the woods with someone who she still knew very little about. But, as Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” So Sarah tightened her seatbelt, and decided to take this ‘shot.’

And up in the air, the trees and roads and water below, Tyler opened the side of the Cub so that the wind and clouds were right up against their legs and played the only version of “Wild Horses” worthy for his iPod. Sarah reached out to feel it rushing by, and that’s when she realized she was smiling.

She realized that, for the first time since her Grandpa Van had taken her flying as a kid, she finally felt safe in an airplane again. Sarah had found a friend that she’d trust with her life, and Tyler had found a faithful copilot.

So, regardless of when it all became “official” or announced to family, friends or the Facebook world, Tyler and Sarah consider July 31 (which is also Tyler’s dad’s birthday) their official anniversary. Hence, “love at first flight.”

Thank you for these amazing photos, Rebecca Ikes!

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Congratulations Sarah & Tyler! I love your engagement photos!

Photographer:  Rebecca Marie Photography & Design // Location: The Big Red Barn // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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