Exciting News: I’m Expecting!

I’m so excited to finally share this news with you guys — I’m pregnant!

Our little one is due to meet the world September 26, 2015 — just three days after my best friend’s little one was born a year and a half ago!

Aaron and I were on pins and needles for the first few weeks, unsure if it was *really* happening this time, but I’m 17 weeks along now so, we’re pretty confident IT’S HAPPENING!

I have so much that I want to share with you! I hope you won’t mind a little fit bump blogging! 🙂 I’ve been documenting all the details and have a full first trimester recap coming soon! In the meantime, I thought it’d be fun to do a little Q&A of the top 5 questions I’ve gotten so far! Here it goes!

Are you going to find out the sex? 

Yes! Definitely. I can’t imagine waiting until the very end — that feels like pretty far off at this point! We’re actually planning to do a gender reveal party with our close friends and family. It should be a fun time! Our anatomy scan is scheduled for May 1st so our party will be shortly after. (Pictures to come, of course!)

So, no more CrossFit? 

Actually I plan to continue to CrossFit. I haven’t been going as often because of my new job, which I started January, and because I was totally exhausted the first trimester but I’m dying to get back into it! My doctor knows that I do CrossFit and has advised me to listen to my body and scale as necessary. I’ve also been following CrossFit Mom‘s suggested first and second trimester guidelines as they apply. Thankfully I’ve been able to do most everything thus far, but last week burpees did start to feel a little weird so I’ll be nixing them soon! (Hallelujah, a break from burpees!) I know there’s a bit of controversy around crossfitting during pregnancy, but Aaron and I agree, it’s good for me to keep going. In fact, the goal is to keep going! So far, I feel great when I get there and it’s been especially good for my mood and it always gives me a boost of energy.

How’s Aaron? Is he excited?

Aaron is definitely excited! He’s wanted a family for awhile now and I think it’s slowly sinking in that we’ll be a family of three very soon! He’s been really calm about all the things that worry me — from maternity leave to breastfeeding and that’s been good because it prevents me from worrying too much about anything. Of course I think Aaron will be even more excited when my stomach grows more and especially when our little one arrives. He likes to think of himself as cautiously excited about just about everything and this has been no different.

Have you had any cravings?

During the first trimester I ate a lot of carbs, which were good for getting me full fast — feeling hungry often meant feeling nauseous.

I’m slowly trying to re-incorporate my salads and Whole30 favorites, but my sweet tooth has been all the rage!

Cravings thus far have been egg sandwiches, gummy bears, mac and cheese, pickles, and I love a meal with meat and potatoes!

Do you want a boy or a girl?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a little girl who I could dress up in tutus and bows, but a little Aaron would melt my heart! So, of course, we’re happy to have a healthy baby. I love the little quote, “pink or blue, we love you!”

I’m super excited and can’t wait to share more soon!

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  1. Debbie wrote:

    Awww! So happy for you!

    Posted 4.20.15 Reply
    • Sara wrote:

      Yippee! We’re happy too! Thanks, Debbie!

      Posted 4.21.15 Reply
  2. Jennifer Walker wrote:

    Congratulations!!! Best wishes for a safe and healthy pregnancy and baby!

    Posted 4.20.15 Reply
    • Sara wrote:

      Thank you, thank you!

      Posted 4.21.15 Reply
  3. Kristie W wrote:

    Congratulations!!!! Very happy for you and Aaron!

    Posted 4.20.15 Reply
    • Sara wrote:

      Thanks Kristie! An exciting time!

      Posted 4.21.15 Reply
  4. Congratulations! So happy for you both!! 🙂

    Posted 4.21.15 Reply
    • Sara wrote:

      Thanks Monica! We’re excited!

      Posted 4.21.15 Reply
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    Posted 4.21.17 Reply