Fashion Friday: 12 Days of Christmas WOD

Hey friends! Can you believe it’s the Friday before Christmas? Woo hoo!
To be totally honest, things have been really stressful lately as we try to prepare for our trip to Italy. I’m so excited but there’s a million other things going on like hosting my family for Christmas, traveling to see Aaron’s family, my car (I got in an accident about 2 weeks ago and I’m driving a rental), plus work. It feels VERY hectic right now and I’m struggling just to keep up with my laundry! Let alone the more important stuff! Haha.

However, there has been one saving grace – CrossFit. For me, personally, CrossFit has been the best way to destress. During that hour I’m at CrossFit, I’m mentally and physically challenged by the movements, and I don’t have time to think about my to do list! That, my friends, is the biggest relief!

So, when I heard my box was doing a crazy workout they call the 12 Days Before Christmas, this Saturday, I knew it was just what I needed to get through the weekend and my mounting holiday stress! Now, I’m not exactly sure what all the 12 Days of Christmas workout entails, but I do know the gist is the pretty much the same everywhere: Complete 1, then 1&2, then 1&2&3, and so on till you get to 12. Here’s the 12 Days of Christmas workout they did at Outlaw CrossFit last year:

1 Clean and jerk2 Muscle ups3 Box jumps4 Hang squat snatch 5 Bar facing burpees6 Push Press 7 Pistols 8 Toes to bar9 Wall balls 10 Chest to bar pull ups11 Handstand push ups12 Front Squats

*GULP!* It’s definitely going to be brutal!

I thought it’d be fun to tie in this week’s Fashion Friday with this crazy workout, cause red and green stripe socks make a tough workout easier, right? 🙂


Guns Tank / Christmas Socks / Nike Shorts / Nike Free TR Fit 2 Black / Holiday Headband

The 12 Days of Christmas Workout is scheduled for tomorrow morning so I’m taking tonight off from CrossFit to prepare. This evening I hope to work on blog-related tasks, such as returning emails and scheduling blog posts for while I’m away! There WILL be content on the blog everyday through to the New Year!

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How do you deal with stress during the holiday?

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  1. Kristie W wrote:

    Italy?! How exciting!! I can’t wait to see and hear all about it (as I’m sure you will blog about it, right?)

    Posted 12.20.13 Reply