Fashion Friday: Barbell babe


Evening, fit fam! I just returned from CrossFIt and boy, was it ever challenging! I started to feel defeated as I was leaving (I wanted to get more rope climbs – I got one! And I wanted to get double unders – I can’t – for the life of me!! – string them together!), but then I realized, hey, you went! You got ONE! You tried! That’s what matters, right? And, we didn’t pick up a barbell, so that’s probably why I didn’t really enjoy the workout. 🙂 That’s normal, right? Haha. How about this barbell babe tank?


I love that this Barbel Babe Tank comes in so many colors! Also shown: C9 by Champion Yoga Pants from Target and Beast Mode Weight Lifting Gloves (on sale right now)! I’ve had these Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoes on my want-list for awhile!

The other annoying thing about tonight (and then I’ll stop complaining – I promise!), is that I had nothing to wear for the workout! We’re a little behind on laundry and well, my workout wardrobe needs work! I ended up wearing my funky leggings, but in total, I think that’s one pair of 3 workout pants I own, and that’s just crazy considering how often I workout!

In other news, you might notice my new logo! I totally love it! I’m making a few other small changes here and there, so my apologizes if the site is acting wonky when you stop by! Have a great weekend, friends!

Do you ever feel so-so about your workouts? 

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