Fashion Friday: Juicy Couture Sportswear


Happy Friday!! I’m so glad the weekend is near, friends! It’s been a busy one and there’s still so much to do! I’m working on finishing up the Salad club ebook, getting a new logo, and revamping the website – yes, yet again! Please bear with me! I’m committed to evolving this site into the best it can be! With that said, I’m also committed to evolving my (very boring) workout wardrobe! 🙂  And what better way than to get decked in cheetah print, gold, and hot pink? Hell yea, right? Well, for all that and more, look no further than Juicy Couture’s new sportswear line. I’m totally obsessed! Cheetah print? Black & White stripes? Hot pink and catch phrases? This is THE blogger chic workout gear if you ask me!

Juicy Couture Sport


Also, psst… that black and white bag is 40 percent off!

Researching Juicy Sport online, I stumbled across these gorgeous campaign images on The Chriselle Factor -these images will surely inspire you to get out and get moving in a fashionable way!

And PS, how am I just discovering Chriselle’s amaaaaazing work? Excuse me while I spend the rest of the day scrolling through her gorgeous blog!

What do you think of the Juicy Couture’s new sportswear?

Are you into wearing cheetah print while you workout?

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