My Favorite Blogs & A New Blogging Philosphy

Hello and happy Thursday!
Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite blogs, and some new ones I just discovered.

I’m sort of obsessed with blogs! I read at least one blog everyday! EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I used to follow all my favorite bloggers via BlogLovin but now I use I also know a few URLs by heart and have no problem plugging them in as soon as sit down with my morning cup of coffee, to get caught up!


Carrots ‘n’ Cake: I check this blog everyday, sometimes twice a day (shameful? oh wells)! I love Tina’s conversational tone and she’s incredibly consistent! She posts almost everyday, sometimes twice in a single day, which of course her readers, like me, love! What does she blog about? Her life! A mix of motherhood, CrossFit, and food. Her blog is like a journal and, I love it!

You know what I find interesting, too? Her pictures aren’t always the prettiest but does that bother me? Not one bit! With this blog I always think the photos need to be really good quality, but you know what? Her egg sandwiches (shot with a point-and-shoot camera; no fancy lighting or props) ALWAYS make me want one! And her workout posts? They’re super easy to follow even though there’s not a photo depicting every movement. I definitely need to take note of Tina’s commitment to blog, her own way in her own voice, and step away from the need get it perfect! Haha


The Well B Bar: This blog is co-authored by Meg Biram, a DC blogger I adore! The Well B Bar is perfect for anyone with a blog, striving to start a business or just understand the business of blogging. It’s full of awesome tips and the community is great: Meg and Victoria have really gotten the conversation going sometimes! There’s a lot of good resources, too, like how to write a blog plan for the year, make an editorial calendar or network from home. I also got my idea to start a monthly mantra from their word of the month series. They also offer a host of awesome e-books about blogging, which were recently discounted!

The Well B Bar

Independent Fashion Bloggers: Another awesome resource for bloggers and another reliable, consistent voice I look forward to reading daily! Even though I’m not a fashion blogger the tips and tricks can be applied to any kind of blogger!


Healthfully Ever After: Brides looking for healthy recipes and/or a little help getting healthy before their wedding day can look no further than Carlene Thomas, a Virginia registered dietary nutritionist. Even though I’ve never actually made one of her recipes (yet) they always look fabulous! She’s been doing some styled shoots with a few of the big wedding blogs and of course, I LOVE that! (I’m into food photoshoots!)

PaleOMG: Now this is a blog with recipes I HAVE tried and absolutely LOVED! I’ve been blown away by the simple, yet flavorful dishes I’ve made, which include the 5-ingredient pizza spaghetti pie (I’ve seriously made this at least a half a dozen times), her roasted red pepper and avocado soup with sausages (OMG, so good!), and her easy shredded pork over caramelized mashed plantains, which was a hit with my hubby! I also made her tex mex breakfast casserole, which was awesome!! Juli is also hilarious. I’ve had real LOL moments reading through a recipe because she throws in something funny or ridiculous!


(Oh and, I love that she’s begun incorporating Fashion Fridays (she dresses so cute!!) and weekly workouts. It’s fun to see a little glimpse into the real life of a blogger, and OMG, isn’t her dog the cutest, ever?)

CrossFit – NEW! I just discovered this blog (via Instagram) and I’m already hooked! The authors – two women who teach CrossFit – don’t seem to post everyday but when they do, there’s a lot of good stuff there! This post had me re-thinking my yogurt and granola breakfast, and this page is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the paleo lifestyle. (And wow, the food looks delicious and healthy; a combination I love to see!)

She Thrives Blog

Other CrossFit blogs I like: IFailedFran and Wine to Weight Lifting. I just discovered both of these and feel a little late to the party!

DC Bloggers

Meg Biram: I mentioned Meg earlier (see The Well B Bar above). Talk about a source of inspiration! Whether you follow Meg’s blog, her instagram, or her posts for the Well it’s obvious she’s made a name for herself in the blogging world and her success as an entrepreneur is super inspiring to a person like me, who has been wanting to start my own business for … what’s it been? Like two years now! Meg makes it look EASY, and I can tell you, it’s not! Even though she doesn’t post to her blog daily, I check it (and The Well) almost every morning!

On a personal note…

The other reason I wanted to share these blogs with you to is to share something that dawned on me recently: I love conversational blogs! I love lifestyle, candid, just-the-blogger-sharing-their-life posts and those kinds (not the big “mainstream” blogs) are the ones that inspire me as a writer. Sometimes I get caught up thinking this blog needs to be a certain way (have perfect photos or be helpful to brides) but then I realize the pressure to be those things (and to write about certain things) really turns me off from writing altogether; it takes the fun out of blogging and I feel bogged down with to dos (expensive ones, like photoshoots)!

With this revelation I’ve decided I’m just going to write about what’s on my mind and what’s happening in my life because that’s what’s most enjoyable for me! I love weddings and my goal to help brides in some fitness capacity hasn’t changed so there will still be some of that sprinkled in, as well as those unique fitness wedding and engagements, but how you feel about hearing a little more from me, about me? Hopefully, you’ll enjoy that, just as that’s what I enjoy about my favorite blogs! 🙂

Ok, now it’s your turn: What are your favorite blogs?

What blogs do you check everyday? 

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