February Goals

Hey all! It’s Saturday and a new month– February! That means it’s time for a new list of goals.

1. Meal planning- I’m tired of not having the healthy foods I love on hand for snacks and dinner. I’m challenging myself to meal prep each week and follow the plan strictly for 20 out of the 28 days in February. Let’s do this!!!

2. Study for the NASM certification- I’m about 4 weeks behind in my studies for the National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training Certificate! I finally (finally!) started studying last week and I really like the material. This month I would like to catch up on the weeks that I am behind, and continue studying! I take the test in May– eeks!

3. Host some giveaways on the blog- I’m going to tick this box very soon! I’m partnering with my Making Things Happen friend and fellow blogger, Monica Rysavy to giveaway a custom notebook later this month! Yay!

4. Blog schedule & wedding content- I’d like to follow a stricter posting schedule (x, y, and z on mondays/ x, y, and z on tuesdays)… I’d also like to bring more wedding inspiration to the scene!

5. Try Crossfit- A fellow DC blogger recently posted about her Crossfit experience and she makes it sound pretty incising! Not only that, my coworker and friend, Karlye really wants to try it. So I think later this month we’re going to go to the introductory free class together! #nervous

Here’s a look at last month’s goals:

1. Schedule a Fit for a Bride bootcamp– I’ve decided to wait to host a bootcamp until I’m officially certified. I’m also thinking of coinciding the first session with a thank you/launch party later this year!

2. Post to this blog at least once every Monday through Friday – I did that! Sometimes posting more than once in a day!

3. Log my food and exercise in MyFitnessPal – I just hit 25 consecutive days logged in and I’m 2 lbs down! It totally pays off to count calories!

4. Try at least one new workout class, such as reformer pilates or barre fitness class! I’m SO disappointed that I didn’t get around to doing this! I WILL try something new this month!

What are you goals for February?

Are you going to meal plan with us?

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