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AmberProfileAs I get ready to write this post it’s amazing to think back. Many of my earlier entries included what I ate and how I thought it wasn’t “that bad.” OMG I was wrong!! The exciting thing is that no matter what pills I am on, my eating has definitely changed. I am way more conscious of what I eat now. I know how a little something to eat can make all the difference! Sure, I still miss many things about the fat girl life because doing whatever pleases you is always fun, but losing weight feels great too!

Breakfast used to be McDonald’s, a donut, or bagel from panera! Now breakfast is usually a granola bar or something high in fiber, like oatmeal. I  usually have a snack about 2 hours after breakfast, too and almost always have fruit. Grapes and strawberries have been my favorite. I still can’t deny a banana from time to time but I have to be conscious of my carb account because I can only have 65 g of carbs a day; therefore, I have to always balance it out. I also always try to eat breakfast within 2 hours of waking up. Before I would simply wait until I was starving, but my diet is all about having my metabolism as powerful as possible and that means eating first thing and eating often!


Lunch is usually a half sandwich or salad. The only salad I really like is caesar and you’d think I would be sick of it by now, but I’m not!! Making my own salad from a salad bar is a quick go-to as well and with two places right near me, that’s always an option!! When it comes to the sandwich, the bread really determines how much of it I eat. If I make my own, I have found a 45-calorie bread with just 8 grams of carbs for 2 slices. (That’s about 1/3 of the carbs normally in any type of bread!) If I end up going out for lunch it is definitely half sandwich. I have gotten very good at not eating fries and chips and instead opting for a vegetables as my side.

  I find that if I allow myself a cheat like perhaps a burger, having broccoli or green beans isn’t a big deal!! Overall I try to have larger lunches because I usually don’t eat dinner until late. Having a bigger lunch also helps me to stay focused for my afternoon of work. My lunch is usually where I will have the most carbohydrates unless I have plans after work so it does switch up.

I am supposed to have an afternoon snack because of my work schedule, but honestly, I forget sometimes! I know that is an awful thing as I’m never supposed to forget meals, however, we all know what it’s like when you’re busy at work and the day has just disappeared by. It’s amazing that not eating can cause a stall in weight loss (who would have thought?).

Thankfully I’ve tried to plan ahead by having granola bars, almonds, cashews or walnuts in the office. The 100-calorie packs have definitely become a permanent thing on my grocery list. Easy to travel with and very filling!



Dinner is usually the most boring meal of the day for me. When I get home from work I always workout. My workout is at least 60 minutes, most of the time around 90. By the time I have worked out it’s 8 o’clock so I always just have meat and vegetables. The meat varies from pot roast to rotisserie chicken to steak. I have gotten creative with vegetables so okra, brussels sprouts and spinach have become new favorites but I also like cabbage, collard greens and broccoli. I find that lunch is my exciting meal but due to how late I eat, dinner is boring. But when I see the pounds fall off it all makes it worthwhile.

What’s your go-to breakfast, lunch and dinner options?

Have they evolved over time?




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