Fit Bride, Amber // I’ve Started and Nothing Can Stand in My Way

AmberProfileStarting the New Year Off Right:
On New Year’s Eve I started taking my medication: one pill for breakfast, one 2 hours later, another with lunch and 2 hours after; then finally, one with dinner. I definitely felt very jittery from the medicine, but energized, too, which was great because I had to decorate for a party I was hosting that night.

Overall I’d say I didn’t do too bad with my eating at the party — I had 2 tacos, some small appetizers and a total of about 6 alcohol drinks, which is a lot (I know), but New Year’s Eve? Come on! Everybody’s drinking! Of course that isn’t the diet plan but I tried showing restraint and felt good about my efforts.

New Year’s Day things were even better: I woke up and had a granola bar and 2 bottles of water immediately. Then I went to brunch with my family but it was tapas style and I really didn’t eat a lot. (Literally one order of eggs benedict for the entire table to try.) Also should note I was with skinny people and a person who doesn’t even eat breakfast (my soon-to-be husband) so I tried to be like them and barely eat…

I came home and had fruit as a snack and took my lunchtime pill. For dinner I had leftover soft tacos (ground turkey – allowed on the program) and I was so proud I loaded it up with peppers and black beans,not cheese and sour cream, which is usually how my tacos roll! I also ate at least 3 hours before I went to bed (success!) and even though I forgot to take my nighttime pill, I didn’t drink anymore alcohol that evening or eat anymore food, which is very good for me. Progress not perfection people!! 


I also want to mention that I got in a great workout on New Year’s Day! I had so much energy, I did several rounds of lunges and squats, lifted the 10-pound dumbbells (doing bicep, tricep, and chest moves), and a bunch of ab exercises. I even broke out the resistance band and did some walking squats! My thighs were on fire! I did leg lifts forward and backward to work my front quad and glutes (gotta work on the glutes!!) and as I took down New Year’s Eve decorations and would treat the step ladder like a step stool and do 10 reps of up-downs!

From Amber’s Journal January 2nd

As I wake up January 2nd I feel focused. I feel really good. I am going to kick this being fat in the butt immediately. I had eggs with bell peppers and bacon for breakfast (all allowed on the diet), 50% orange juice and 50% water, which the doctor recommended and 3 bottles of water before noon. To make it through to dinner (leftover tacos again) I am going to have some vegetables and fruit for lunch. I’m also planning to get in another serious workout today!

All in all I am feel so determined. I am so excited about this weight loss changing my life. Changing my perception of how people view me and being more confident and content with who I am. Sure weight can’t do all of that for me, its all about me and about my journey and about changing MY life. January 2nd I am implementing that and don’t want to let anything get in my way.

Have you ever felt determined on a diet? 

What helped you keep your momentum?





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