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Hey friends! We’re back with more journal entries from my sister-in-law Amber. To those of you who commented on her last post, thank you! Your encouragement is incredible and the reason I love this community so much! This week Amber starts an all-inclusive weight loss program with lots of bells and whistles. It’s a no-fail plan through PersonaDoctors and she details all the ins and outs in this post. Keep an eye out for her column every Tuesday!

December 17th

I haven’t journaled in a really long time but that doesn’t mean that I have not been focused on my weight it’s actually the exact opposite. Last Friday I was watching The Today Show for just a couple of minutes and I saw a commercial for this place called PersonaDoctors. I googled it and found out they offer B-12 shots, hormone treatment, meal plans, and a bunch of varieties for you to lose weight quickly and sustain long-term weight loss. They even offer a 30-day money bag guarantee if you’re unhappy with their program, which makes me think they have to get really good results if they’re offering to give you your money back!

It looks like it may cost between $200-$300 a month depending on what program I go on so I was initially just interested in the B-12 shot I figure why not try for three days to see what type of weight loss success they can give me. What’s even more exciting is the fact that I can start this program now, see everyone for Christmas, but then I’ll have until April when my cousin gets married to drop a ton of weight and then lose even more weight before my own wedding! I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

PersonaI also really like that this program is going to be tailored to me as opposed to it being a program that they recommend for 80% of the population. Instead they’re going to look at me, my habits, my family history, and a variety of other factors (hormone issues) that will hopefully allow me to have more success than just having me count calories or do a bunch of workouts.

December 19th

About 8 hours have passed since I left the PersonaDoctors and signed up for the six-month plan – I can’t believe I did it! I must admit I’m really excited about this whole thing though! I have a feeling that God is lining up my steps so that I can really lose this weight before my wedding, and I think Sara is definitely going to want to blog about this! I know it’s going to work. It’s going to be hard but it’s all going to work for me. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning and workout right away! I’m ready!

It’s interesting because there were people of all sizes there today. I mean some seemed bigger than me but I feel like I have a disorder when I look at myself in the mirror, knowing I’m more than 200 pounds, like that’s huge…. Still though, the thought of giving up food drives me insane! Tonight I made this potato casserole and ate way too much of it. I already know this diet is not going to recommend potato casserole!!! Truth time? I also had Five Guys today (#fail). I have to honestly change. I have to change my thought process…. Why can’t I just focus on the wedding?? Why do I always focus on food? Thankfully part of the program is the counseling so I’ll need to be ready to open up and let it all flow. And in all this, be ready to really try and change, not just for now but forever… like, forever forever. I just need to be honest with the doctor on the 30th.

My First Official Appointment 

So today was the day that I went to PersonaDoctors and had my first evaluation. How funny I gained 2 pounds from the last time I was here. That’s a just a damn shame! Yes Christmas was in there but still, how often will I make excuses?

So the program really is catered to me. I am very interested to see how it all goes and I am very excited about it! Just like I have always said it is going to be very hard. It is not going to be easy. Some things that will be especially challenging: cutting back on my alcohol intake; I’m only allowed one glass of wine a week. I also have to drink 100 ounces of water… 100 ounces! Wow that is so much. I’m also going to be on four different medications, which is quite a bit! One of the medicines is a diabetic medication because the doctor said that it appears my cells are resisting insulin. Insulin is supposed to get into my fat cells and break them down, but my cells aren’t getting any insulin. This medicine is supposed to help insulin break down my fat cells. I’m so happy they uncovered this because it’s something I would have never known attempting to lose weight myself and without the help of this program.

Thankfully my thyroid is fine, my lipids, and everything else in my body is just fine. I’m taking an appetite suppressant, a vitamin (self explanatory) and tryptophan, which is kind of weird, I know (same stuff that’s in turkey). It is supposed to raise my serotonin levels which helps the appetite suppressant work better. It makes me tired, though so I take that one at night. In addition to the medication I’m also receiving a B12 shot, which I understand is a just another fat burning supplement and supposedly will give me more energy.

As far as what I’m eating,  the diet plan is low-carb and about 1300 calories a day. It’s smaller portions than what I’m used to eating but I expected that. In the morning I can have oatmeal and fruit or eggs and bacon. For lunch I’m planning to eat salads with grilled chicken or a wrap. Flank steak is an option for dinner – I can handle that! I mean honestly the whole thing is perfect. I think I can do this, guys! Wish me luck!!

Have you ever done an all-inclusive weight loss plan like PersonaDoctors?

Do you take B12 or other vitamins? 

Have you ever spoken with your doctor about potential insulin or thyroid issues? 




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