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CHERIE-3 Long time no see loves! Gosh, I apologize for my lateness, but life has been less than chill lately. With my family and friends running around with to-do lists and wish-lists, it’s been hard to organize my writing. Yet, I wanted to drop in today to give you the lowdown on a few ideas I have on saving money.
Oh dang, right there is where I got ya! Weddings are by far one of the most expensive things I have ever found myself in the middle of (well, college costs do top that), but there are quite a bit of purchases out there that we have been told we “need” to have the wedding of the century. No way dude. We are a bride nation on a mission to save some mulah. Granted, costs are inevitable in the midst of marital preparations; however, let’s take a look at a few bucks that are totally worth saving…

Bridal Budgeting

// personalized napkins // I know they look lovely, really. That glossy gold with your sweet names next to one another. Y’all, those napkins are going to find their way to someone’s messy mouth. They will then in turn be tossed in the trashcan. Let’s save some money here: almost $300….bye.

// web bought programs // I had an excellent experience ordering our save the dates through Minted. The designers were easy to work with and the postcard selection was exactly what we needed. However, when I took a look at matching wedding programs, I almost fell over. These stunning gold foil programs cost just around $450 for 200. Try designing your programs yourself using word or even scanning in your own lettering! Save that $450 for venue costs.

// videography // oh no. I know I just stepped on a few toes when it comes to this one. I couldn’t agree with you more, those wedding videos that go viral are tear jerkers for sure. Yet, with the average cost ranging from $900-$3000, it’s hard to bite the bullet on this one. I struggled with this decision for a while, but after meeting our incredible photographers, I realized photos were all we needed to relive that day.

// bridesmaid shoes // Through tradition, it’s not typical that the bride purchases her bridesmaids’ shoes, but lets save them some money too! Go with a neutral shoe that’s easy to match. For instance, I told my bridesmaids to stick with a nude, closed toe pump. While it’s nice to have match-y shoes designed just for bridesmaids, asking them to spend $20 compared to $100 is far better.

// liquor // you don’t need cocktails to have a fun reception. Be sure to check on the prices of beer + wine compared to full open bar. You’d be surprised how much the price drops just by taking away the hard stuff. Just last weekend, I attended a wedding that had a delicious spring sangria, a small selection of beers, and hard cider. It was great! If anything, taking away the heavy stuff prevents both drama and overspending. Your guests won’t be angry and your wallets will be happy. amount saved: $2500

So all in all, how much money did we save? All of these things that look small in retrospect, total up to a whopping $5000-$8000 depending on the choice and/or number. I imagine for some brides, I stepped on a few toes, but keep in mind we are all different! These are just a few costs that we were watchful of while planning. I’m sure there are plenty of things that I have chosen that you might find unnecessary. Either way, remember to choose what makes you happy. It’s you and your special someone’s big day, treat it as such! 🙂

happy planning!



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