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CHERIE-3Hey friends!
This week I thought I’d give you the inside on who I am and what my crazy life is all about. Some of it might seem a bit random, but I’m definitely not your average blogger! I’m full of strengths and weaknesses just like you; all that make me proud of the woman I have become. I hope you’ll find this both entertaining and informative, and I hope you’ll share some random facts about yourself with me in the comments!

How do you manage life – everything from blogging to school to wedding planning?

Oh boy, I should probably include a little disclaimer that none of this easy. In fact, more often than none it takes a whole lot of self motivation to write out my ideas and commit myself to completing a task. I love, love to write – but I’m almost my worst critic. When I write, I have to consistently remind myself to write from the heart and do it in a jiffy. Balancing the other stuff…well that takes patience and quick thinking to make it all squish together. Ultimately, it takes a whole lotta’ time management and a bunch of courage to make it all work. Good news is: it’s always worth it.


What’s the laziest thing you do on a daily basis?

I never take the time to find matching socks. Seriously, every single morning I pull out the first low-cute socks I can find and cover them up before anyone discovers the method to my madness. Yikes. Guess the secret is out now!

What’s the weirdest craving you often find yourself encountering?

This is going to sound super weird, but I love sweetened egg whites. More often than none, I find myself scrambling up a cup of eggwhites with 1 packet of trivia and a handful of blueberries. It’s weird – but satisfies my sweet tooth! Don’t judge me till you’ve tried it!

Any news on wedding planning?

Heck yes, praise the Lord, things are going awesome! We recently sealed in our photographer (heyooo Swell Photography!), selected potential bridesmaid dresses (deets to come), and inquired about a potential artist for our invitation (still in the works!). It’s amazing what you will discover when you think outside of the box.

If you had a gift card to any store, what store would it be and why?

Easy peasy: Anthropologie. You can ask Lee…anytime I head into a new Anthropologie I take a deep breath, comment about the amazing smell of their candles, gawk at every dress available, and buy something small. I’m a cheapo when it comes to purchasing something there. It’s almost like it’s my way of keeping the store and it’s creative products special. I love that when I go in, it’s almost like I’m viewing a super trendier art museum where admiration is better than monetary expression. But hey, if someone gave me a gift card – you won’t hear a peep of complaining from me!


The best cosmetic product you own?

Nars Matte Lip pencil in Dragon Girl red. I wore it to prom my senior year of high school, and these days I find myself pairing it with a classy tee and statement necklace. It’s the little things that make you feel like a rockstar!

Do you have any upcoming fitness goals?

I’ve definitely been a tad bit topsy turvy when it comes to deciding what my health goals are for the big day! Of course, “slimming down” always sounds like an appealing option for any bride-to-be, but let’s be real — I want to be me on that special day. I’ve heard far too many horror stories of girls overworking themselves and finding out that their dress was far too big! I love my curves and so does my man – why go for a change that doesn’t suit me? I guess you could say my next goal is to stay committed to healthy eating and CrossFit. Additionally, I’m going to start replacing a couple of workouts with yoga. It’s a great addition to toning up and de-stressing. Sara’s story is a great example on how to balance healthy living and goals for the best day ever!


Morning or evenings?

I’m an early morning’ kinda gal. Even if it’s spent simple lounging in the sun that creeps through our sheer curtained window with a cup of Bustelo coffee. There’s something about waking up before the rest of the world that’s soothing.

That’s it my dear. I hope this gives you a better look at my life and all the little things that make up the big picture. Feel free to ask me anything that I didn’t get the chance to talk about!

Now choose one of my questions above and answer it about you!

Any other questions? Don’t be shy!



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