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CHERIE-3Hi guys! Cherie here with a little more pre-wedding planning advice!
Everyone thinks that engagement is a lengthy process. You think you’ll have plenty of time to ponder the universe and workout the details for you and your man’s big day. #newsflash It actually goes 100 mph and you realize there’s far more to get done than you could ever imagine! I’m not saying that the process isn’t one to be enjoyed. In fact, I think engagement isn’t just a time of planning but rather one to soak up! It’s a most admirable time of growth in your relationship, honesty with yourself, and understanding of what’s to come. To help your mind slow down after the “ringie is on your fingie,” take my advice on what you purchase first to make the planning process slow down just a bit: a wedding planner binder!

DIY Wedding Planner

I’m a visual person who loves to see things written in plain ink. There’s nothing like gathering my thoughts and listing them out in order to keep better track of them (hmm…maybe that’s why I love to write?). With the help of an Etsy listing by Ombre Organizers, I was able to purchase an easy-to-use PDF file. I picked up a two inch binder from Target along with a few clear sleeves and headed on over to Kinkos. A couple of hours later I was left with the perfect wedding planner to keep myself organized over the coming months. Let me tell you, I’ve only had this for a month and it has been helpful from day one!

Wedding Planner Binder

With hundreds of options out in the wedding industry, which planner will suit your needs best? Well, I may not have all of the answers, but here are a few tips for selecting and creating your wedding binder:

/// First off, make sure it includes vendor inquiry pages. This has been super helpful in selecting my vendors. For instance, my Ombre Organizers has over 20 pages all dedicated to interviewing, inquiring, and selecting the right vendor for you and your man!

/// Secondly, your wedding planner should have an area to list out financial details. Some planners include areas for specific purchases while others focus on the big picture. When it comes down to budgeting, having an area dedicated specifically to money can help you stay on track and keep up with upcoming payments.

/// Add sleeves to each and every page. This guarantees a mostly water resistant planner that could very well withstand that accidental spill of red wine you had while sharing wedding details with your ladies. 🙂

/// Keep up with receipts, wedding registry forms, and even sample invitations! Having everything in the same exact place makes decision making easy as pie (mmmm pie!). Oh yes – one more tip: keep a sample of your wedding palette on hand at all times! People will ask about your colors, and being able to show them the real deal helps important people like your wedding party and vendors see your vision without any miscommunication. Because let’s be real, a man sees blue when we see ocean breeze blue.

/// Last but not least, add a fitness/health goal page. With all of the “oohs and aahs” of the ceremony planning, a helpful health section of your binder will keep your planning process balanced and realistic. My particular PDF purchase did not include a fitness page so I made up my own! Feel free to do the same to help you visualize not just those dainty candles on the head table, but your physical and emotional health as well!

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 5.48.03 PM

Wedding Planner PDF: Ombre Organizers
Binder, Sleeves & Dividers: Target
Cardstock & Printing: Kinko’s

Have another suggestion of what to hand our handy wedding planners?

Feel free to leave a comment to help our fellow brides-to-be (including me!)





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