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CHERIE-3After skimming an article on Spark People about detoxing the smart way – I thought I would apply a few of the tricks of the trade to my own healthy living habits. I feel like detoxes that include cinnamon water (ew) and a lack of solid food for 5 days make my mind and tummy uneasy. Let’s be real, you won’t be able to live normally or even leave the sight of a bathroom!
Fortunately for us, there are far more healthy detox options that not only clean up your insides but your emotional health as well. Here they are!


I’m still 9 months out from the wedding, and I’m already feeling the pressure of fitting effortlessly into my custom gown. With all eyes on the bride, including his, taking care of yourself and your body seems to come into center play as soon as you begin prepping for that big day! Rather than put myself on crazy diets and deprive myself of enjoying events like engagement parties and bridal showers, I plan on sticking to these quick and easy detox tips to keep the glow all the way up to my wedding day.

/// Water.Water.Water ///

Water is a natural way to detox for any and everyone. Since our body is mostly made up of water, it’s detrimental to keep it well hydrated. Aim for about half your body weight in ounces per day or more. No need to add any odd concoctions that we so often find on pinterest. Plain ol’ water with ice and lemon is the perfect way to keep your body in check all day.

Lemon Water

/// Monthly Cleansing Mask ///

Cherie_FaceMaskIf you’ve been keeping up with me via instagram then you were probably spooked by my alien like facial. These masks aren’t just for the movies ladies. That stereotypical green mask can be found at your run of the mill drug store. I picked mine up from Target for only $1.29. Try and make this happen about once a month to keep your skin healthy after all of your hard bridal prep sweat sessions.

/// The PM Sweet Tooth ///

This is one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to staying true to my clean eating. Post dinner, I give in to my weakness of wanting something sweet and immediately head for an unnecessary serving of almond butter or late night Special K. I recently made a health agreement with my man to kick this habit in the butt. Knowing that someone has to keep me accountable on knocking out late night sweets helps me keep my thoughts. Excess sugar often leads to other unhealthy choices that could result in high blood sugar and bloat – I’m ready to say goodbye to this habit, how about you?

/// Eat Your Veggies (even when you don’t want em’) ///

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge veggie fan. My friends often refer to me as their very own rabbit, but even I get into a rut of skipping out on my veggies. Including veggies in 2-3 of your meals per day helps keep essential nutrients at a constant rate. The results? Clearer skin. High energy. Healthy appetite. Who doesn’t want any of that?


/// Social Media Detox ///

I know, I know. I cringed when I typed that too! It’s so hard to stay away from social media, especially when it’s such a big part of my lifestyle. I’m not so much a fan of the twitter world and selfie movement, but everything from conversing on FB to checking out the newest articles in health and fitness is apart of my daily life. Starting this month, I plan on choosing one weekend per month to step away from all things SM and breathe. I already plan on handing over my accounts to my sweet friend the day of the wedding, but why not get used to the idea of it now.

The list of options for holistically detoxing your life doesn’t stop here! I encourage you to take a look at areas of your life both physically and mentally that could use some tidying up prior to your big day. Think outside of the box, sweet brides – wives – and mommies!

Have an idea of your own for healthy detoxing?

Plan on tackling one of the suggestions above?

Comment below and let us know!



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