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Did you have a chance to read my engagement story?

Well, you might be surprised to know I’ve already found my wedding dress! It might seem like a rush, but it couldn’t have been any more perfect – timing wise. Ever since my first trip to beloved Charleston, South Carolina, I have been gawking over a wedding boutique called Modern Trousseau. The dresses in the window were always like brilliant works of white art calling my name. The “appointment only” sign on the door kept me from wandering in too soon. When I realized that all of “my women” (aka my mom, Da, and aunt) would be on vacation together, I hopped on the opportunity to make an appointment!


CheriesDaFun fact: The first time I saw Modern Trousseau was when my Da and I returned from a stroll down King Street. We found my Pa resting on a bench right outset the window! It was basically a sign that it was meant to be, am I right? 🙂

The two years of daydreaming about this place paid off! After a few moment of irritation at the beginning of the appointment – my appointment was misplaced! – I slipped into six or so beautiful gowns. Number seven was the winner; I even put it back on two more times before giving my yes!

Alright so now it’s your turn: you found your man, you named your girls (I’m still working on this one), and you’ve started the process of marking off the days – now it’s time to find your dress! With shows like Say Yes to the Dress and I Found My Gown, it’s easy to see that the dress shopping process can either go two ways: 1. complete success with that one special gown or 2. a disaster, tears, and empty hands from indecisiveness or critics. For all of my fellow fiancees out there, here are my top tips for making your dress shopping experience one to remember (in a good way, of course).

Wedding Dress Shopping Keep an open mind!

I’ve been looking at pictures of wedding dresses for years. Coming down with the typical “wedding fever” symptom of pinning all of the dresses I think would fit me – well bad news y’all, having a set way of thinking only leads to disappointment. I started the dress search with a mindset of cotton lace, a-line fit, with pockets only. I’m not going to give away the details on my find, but I will say that what I chose was nothing like I expected. Go in with an open mind. However, I didn’t say go in with a scattered brain. Have an idea of what things you absolutely don’t like, but when someone says, “how about this one?” – respond with “why not?” It could be your gown!

Look in the mirror more than once.

At first, it might be overwhelming, so take a second look to really know if you like or dislike something.

Try on the accessories (except the veil)

Play around with sashes, covers, jewelry, etc. Sometimes it helps to visualize a little extra bling on the dress. It could possibly be the only thing missing! I suggest you don’t add the veil until you know its the one. 🙂

Don’t even think about sizes.

Most boutiques carry one size and one size only, which can be frustrating. But know this going in and don’t get too caught up in the dress looking ‘perfect.’ It’s ok if it’s too big or too small! More than likely your consultant knows what she is doing and will do what she can to help you visualize what the dress would truly look like on you when it’s your size!

Everyone has a “trouble zone,” but there isn’t a law that you have to talk/cry about it the whole time! 

Like any other girl, I, too, have a part of my body that I tend to stress over and dress to flatter. My lower tummy has always been a difficult place to tone since I hold a significant amount of skin there from previous weight loss. Rather than spend all of my time fretting about it, I try to pick things that show off other areas. I realize that you want to feel and look your best the day of dress shopping, but remember that once you find that special gown you’re probably going to start sticking to good habits. In the mean time, try on a variety of things. If you find something that’s unflattering, add a giggle and move on. Constantly criticizing yourself is more than likely to set the mood low and cloud your judgment on the remainder of the dresses.

If you think you’ve found the one, take a moment to think about it.

One of the most profound (or at least I like to think so) lessons I’ve learned from one of my besties is the rule: If you can’t decide whether or not you should buy it, leave. If you’re still thinking about it a few hours from now, go back and get it. I did this with my dress. I put the dress back on again, did a little dance, and walked out! What?! Yep, I told the consultant I needed to take a moment to see if it truly was my dress. We ended up getting lunch, clearing our minds, and even peaking in another boutique nearby. In the other boutique, every dress I saw just couldn’t compare to that dress. I stopped my family and said, “What am I doing here? I already found my dress.” It was a moment of total and complete confidence and we headed back to Modern Trousseau for me to slip the dress back on, add a veil, and give my “yes.”

Well ladies, those are my top tips for your big search! I know it may seem like an overwhelming moment of opinions, decisions, and more. Just remember to stick to these tips and kiss indecisiveness goodbye.

Happy dress shopping!

Already found your gown? Have a tip of your own that isn’t listed above?

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  1. Cherie B. wrote:

    First off – I have the 4.0’s in my Reebok “basket” as we speak and I just can’t bring myself to click purchase. Your posts are convincing me more and more than it’s time to say goodbye to my CrossFit Kid 2.0’s (I think that’s more like a 1.5, wouldn’t you say?). Also – a note to combine your last post and this post – I think your shoes would look awesome with a matching mint wifey shirt!

    Posted 8.8.14 Reply
    • Sara wrote:

      Adorable – I love that wifey tank! Thanks for the link to it! You’ll see my review of the 4.0s today but seriously, they’re a huge step-up from the 2.0s! They’re so. much. more. stable. It’s pretty awesome! No pressure, though! 🙂

      Posted 8.11.14 Reply
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