Fit Bride Cherie // What to do When There’s Nothing to do {Bridal Edition}

CHERIE-3I so wish I had a good bit of information to share about our upcoming nuptials and their joyful moments of planning, but honestly I’m finding myself in a bit of a standstill. Shame on whoever forgot to include in the bride-to-be’s checklist that this is a part of the process as well! However, it has also become a time to realize that engagement is not merely a time of planning but also of growing. L. and I have experienced so much growth in our relationship simply from ‘getting our life together.’
From the change over of bills to the new rental we will soon call home – we had had to compromise and be patient with one another regardless of the outcome. Yet, even in a time of character growth you still find yourself trying to hurry along that little countdown on your phone (yep, totally guilty). So for all of my fellow bride-to-bes who have nothing to ‘plan’, here a few things that will make the time passing feel more like a breath of fresh air rather than a moment of hurry.

Pinterest away your future nest

For L. and I, we are currently in the midst of compromising on the hanging of his beloved Star Wars poster and the necessity of a chalkboard wall. Y’all, make the process of decorating a partnered effort. While we ladies certainly have our own taste, you also need to be sure your man doesn’t feel like he’s living in a home that’s not his own. Here’s what L. and I have been pinning on coffee dates…


L. and I are BIG TIME coffee drinkers, so having a way to display our many, collected mugs is a must! Now…about that Star Wars poster…

Do Something Really Really Brave
I know you must all be sick of hearing me repeat my personal motto of ‘be brave’, but it couldn’t not possibly be more fitting for a time of transition. Engagement is full of really exciting things that take a lot of courage. After opening up my Etsy shop, I immediately felt a rush of excitement/scared poopless/absolute thrill fill my heart. To do something brave during engagement is a huge consistent reminder on how far you’ve come in life and where you’re headed.

psst…you should probably check out my Etsy shop sweet brides (need something custom for your wedding? I got you.)


Make a List of Mr + Mrs Adventures

L. and I have started a very long list of adventures to take once we get married. Some travel based and others based on dancing in the living room. A few of our musts (and some impossible but hopeful musts):


  • Have a Nerf gun war
  • Road trip up North
  • Hide-N-Seek
  • Host a really big dinner party
  • Watch all of the Star Wars movies in one sitting
  • Having a food eating contest
  • Run a half marathon

… I imagine we will be adding these things to our Chalkboard wall that is bound to happen! 😉

Read! (or listen)

Whether or not you’re a book person, why not give it a try? Since I’m in the last lap of my college education, reading something non-academic based is so rare simply because I just don’t give it enough though! Here’s a book I cannot wait to get my hands on over the Holidays. Also, if reading isn’t your thing, try audiobook listening.


I hope that helps darlin’ – if not, take a moment to think of a few out of the ordinary things that will make this beautiful season of your life worth waiting in.

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