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Fit-Mom-MonikerHelloooooooo! I’ve got to tell you guys, I’m kind of on a high from CrossFit. You always hear people talk about how addicted they are to this sport. Let me tell you, the addiction is REAL!
In addition to my Elements classes last Monday and Wednesday, I had planned to attend a Saturday morning WOD. It was refreshing to take a rest day on Thursday and Friday, but I was aching for some barbells and kettlebells by the time Friday night rolled around. I had originally planned to head to the box for the 10 a.m. WOD, but then I got a message from my sister reminding me that my mom was in town for the weekend. I have three sisters and everyone was getting together for a family lunch outing at 11:30 Saturday morning. Crap! I couldn’t blow off my family, but I NEEDED to lift some weights. Lol I quickly jumped on the CFSS website and saw that there was an 8 a.m. WOD. Sweet! I could still get a workout and have family time. I set my alarm for bright and early in the morning and went to sleep to dream about the amazing workout I was going to have the next day. Then… I accidentally slept in! Cue the single tear of disappointment. I was seriously crushed! Like I said, the addiction is REAL. Hahaha

I pulled myself together and got ready for the lunch with my fam. I was still pretty bummed as I drove to the restaurant, but I was also thinking about how it was even more important that I eat something sensible since I didn’t get a morning workout in. Isn’t it amazing how making healthy changes in one part of your life makes you want to make healthy changes in other parts? I’ve definitely noticed a change in my eating habits since starting CrossFit. I mean, I’m not saying I haven’t had a cookie or two, but my willpower has definitely been stronger and my food decisions have been better (most of the time). Yay for progress ☺

My sister made reservations at a delicious Mexican restaurant. You know what that means, baskets and baskets of fresh chips with fresh salsa and guacamole. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many delicious Mexican dishes that a girl looking to lose over a hundred pounds has no business eating! Luckily, I checked out the menu the night before and saw that they offered a few light options. I knew exactly what I wanted before I had even walked in the door—light chicken fajitas. MmmmMmmm I love fajitas and these were sooooo good. I still got sizzling chicken, onions, and peppers with a few tasty toppings, but the meal was served with bib lettuce instead of tortillas. Why isn’t that an option everywhere? I got all the flavors of fajitas without the stuffed, guilty feeling I usually get. It was a win, win!

I enjoyed the rest of my weekend with my family and was hyped and ready for CrossFit on Monday night. Oh, how I missed it! I almost wanted to hug the barbells when I walked in the door, lol. We went over a few new things like sled pushes (OMG), single arm kettlebell swings with exchanges, barbell thrusters, and Turkish getups. The best part of the class was when coach Josh demonstrated a Turkish getup with Devin as his weight! Josh had mentioned how doing getups with babies is a great party trick, so it was only appropriate that he give a demo with my kid. Hahahaha. I wasn’t able to get a picture during his original demonstration because I wasn’t near my phone, but I requested a redo at the end of class just for you guys. Dev is a pretty solid kid AND Josh is balancing him on his hand, not gripping him, so this was pretty nerve wracking and impressive all at the same time. Lol!

Kid Turkish Getup

Are you addicted to CrossFit or another type of exercise?

How do you cope when you miss a workout?



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