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Fit-Mom-MonikerAnd so it begins…


It’s official. I’m finally a part of the Crossfit Silver Spring family and I’ve completed my very first Elements class! Woo Hoo!!! I’m one step closer to becoming a badass crossfit mom, hahaha. ☺

My Elements classes will be every Monday and Wednesday for the next 4 weeks, and I was looking forward to starting my classes all weekend… ok, more like all of June. Once I decided I was joining CFSS in July come hell or high water, I’ve been like those little kids who count down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until their upcoming Disney World vacation. July 7th could not come soon enough! I was still super nervous, but I was incredibly excited to finally be starting something I have wanted to do for over a year now. I spent Monday washing all of my gym clothes, meal prepping, fueling my body with healthy foods, and practicing my squats and pushups. Who am I kidding—I can’t actually do pushups, so really I just practiced collapsing to the ground while in a plank. Lol

As we drove to the box later that day, I explained to Devin that mommy had joined a new gym, but that it didn’t have a playground like he’s used to. I made sure he had brought his Nabi tablet and his headphones so that he would be semi entertained and wouldn’t hear the not-so-kid-appropriate music. He also brought his pillow pet because he still goes everywhere with it. ☺ Once we started walking up to the box, I saw a line of sweaty crossfitters running out the door, down the road, and back into the building. I instantly started to get even more excited. I was there. This was happening. It finally felt REAL! I set Dev up in the office with his Nabi and pillow pet, and then I watched in awe with the rest of my fellow wannabe crossfitters as the experienced crossfitters struggled to finish their WOD. I just remember seeing lots of box jumps, burpees, and heavy breathing; it was awesome!

photo 2

Next, it was our turn. Josh, the owner of CFSS, is our coach. He started off our first class by teaching us how to foam roll our quads, upper back, and glutes. I was sweating bullets 5 seconds into rolling my first quad! Mind you, this was basically the warm up before the warm up. Knowing I had a long way to go, I tried to pull myself together before we started the actual lesson/workout. After foam rolling, we grabbed some kettlebells and went over goblet squats, body weight hinges, loaded hinges, and suitcase carries. I’m pretty familiar with all of these moves, so I was feeling pretty good. Next up was planks and pushups… ughhhh. Have I mentioned how much I HATE bodyweight exercises?? We went over the proper way to hold a plank with arms extended as well as a few modifications for pushups. Afterwards, we paired up and hopped on the rings to practice ring rows. This is another bodyweight exercise, but also another exercise I’m familiar with. The great thing about ring rows is that you can easily adjust how hard or how easy they are simply by changing the angle of your body. We did 4 sets of 8 rows and increased the difficulty with each set. My first set was solid; by the fourth set, I could barely bang out 4 rows. But, I know I will only get stronger!

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The last part of our class was a 7 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 8 goblet squats, 8 ring rows, and famers’ carry with two kettlebells. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? I didn’t think it did, until I finished the farmers’ carry in the first round. I’m pretty sure I was the third person to complete the first round (not too bad), but I was so out of breath, I started the second round pretty slow. By the time I started my second farmers’ carry, my grip on my left hand was completely shot. The kettlebell kept slipping out of my hand, so I had to keep stopping. Ughhhh, the frustration!!! By the time I made it back from my second carry, almost everyone else was heading out for their third carries. Needless to say, I only completed two rounds and I finished the WOD dead.last. At first I was pretty disappointed in myself (and my left hand), but I quickly got over it and was just excited that I finished my first Elements WOD!!!

As my quads and left forearm ached, I put my equipment away and found Devin passed out on the office floor with his pillow pet. Poor kid. It was a long night and we were both exhausted. We poured ourselves into the car and on the drive home, all I could think was “I can’t wait for the next class!” I’m already addicted.

Do you remember your first crossfit workout? How did you do?

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