Fit Mom, Karlye // Cleanse Completion & Recap

Fit-Mom-MonikerHappy Tuesday!  I finished my 10-day Green Smoothie Cleanse last Thursday and I’m excited to share my results with you all.
Let me start by saying I did not lose any major weight from this cleanse.  That may be really disappointing to some, but I didn’t decide to do this cleanse to lose a quick 15lbs; I really just wanted to FEEL better.  I had mentioned in a previous post that I have a medical condition that makes it very hard, but not impossible, to lose weight.  Women with PCOS usually have high levels of male hormones and suffer from things like irregular periods, excess weight (especially around the waist), dark patches of skin in certain areas, and infertility.  Before and during the cleanse, I was not taking birth control, which I take as medication for my PCOS.  Birth control helps to control my hormones and regulate my menstrual cycle.  When I’m not on it, by body feels like it’s going crazy and I can easily gain 5 to 10lbs in a week as I’ve mentioned before.  Because I was not able to take my birth control during this time due to unforeseen circumstances, I didn’t expect to lose much weight.

So back to how I wanted to FEEL better…  I definitely think this cleanse helped me achieve that goal.  Here are a few of the positive changes I noticed with my body.

Less Drowsiness*  I am not a morning person at all.  If it’s a weekend, I try to sleep in as much as possible.  During the week, I sleep while I commute on the train and the first thing I want to do when I get to work is go get a big cup of coffee to help wake me up.  The coffee does the job until about 3 p.m. when I hit a wall and suddenly feel like someone has drugged me.  I get soooo sleepy.  During this cleanse, I didn’t experience any of that.  Not even once.  I didn’t have any coffee or caffeinated tea, but I still felt great all day long.  Halfway into the cleanse I noticed it had been days since I even yawned.  It was AMAZING!!

More Energy*  This kind of goes hand-in-hand with less drowsiness.  Usually, when I get home from work I have no desire to do anything.  I just want to relax because I have zero energy.  While I was on the cleanse, I couldn’t wait to get home and go for a walk in the park with my son.  If the weather wasn’t too great on any particular day, I would be walking in place, squatting, or doing pushups in front of my TV.

Less Cravings*  After overcoming my desire to eat everything and anything those first two days, my cravings drastically subsided.  I definitely wouldn’t say that they completely disappeared or that I am cured from ever wanting to eat sweets and junk food, but I can say my cravings during the last half of the cleanse were much more manageable and I felt more in control.

Improved Tastes*  I’ve always loved fruit and fresh veggies.  I’m the type of person that can eat cucumbers and bell peppers like they’re apples; I don’t even cut them, I just attack them with my teeth Lol.  But I swear, when you eat clean for a few days, fresh foods taste so.much.better!  I was really enjoying all of the flavors of the fresh, crisps veggies I was eating and I was looking forward to them every day.  I mean, I CRAVED them!  My taste buds were definitely happy.

Better Sleep*  This is a big one.  My sleep patterns have been pretty bad during the past few months.  I started to notice I was waking up a lot during the night, which made me extra drowsy during the day.  Despite how many hours of sleep I was getting, my quality of sleep was awful.  I have a Fitbit Flex and almost always track my sleep now.  Before the cleanse, there were days I was restless 27 times!  During the cleanse, there were days I was only restless 2 times.  That could explain why I was less drowsy and had more energy!

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with my results and would definitely think about doing this cleanse again.  Honestly though, 10 days kind of felt like forever.  Lol  In the future I may try doing the cleanse for a shorter amount of time, or doing a modified version of the cleanse that allows for one clean meal in place of one of the smoothies.

Did you try the 10-day Green Smoothie Cleanse? 

If so, what were your results?


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