Fit Mom Karlye // Conquering Telework & Kid’s Cravings

This is our weekly check-in with our resident Fit Mom, Karlye!
Hi, guys!  I officially completed my first week of this FFABulous Fit Mom journey.  YAY!!  Cue the confetti!

My first week was actually quite interesting because my work schedule was completely different than it usually is.  My team at work took full advantage of National Telework Week and came up with a schedule that required only one of us to be in the office each day.  My day to be in the office was Monday and… it SNOWED!  Lucky me, I got to telework allllll week.

There are two major downsides to teleworking when I am trying to lose weight:  (1) I am not able to work out with my personal trainer at my work gym because I do not live close enough, and (2) my kitchen—and the food it contains— is only steps away.


My solution for the first problem was to create at-home workouts using my body weight and the few pieces of equipment I have.  Every day I broke out my yoga mat, exercise ball, and dumbbells and got to work.  These workouts definitely were not as intense as my personal training workouts, but I was breathing heavy, I broke sweats, and I burned calories.  Most importantly, these workouts helped keep me on track.

As for my issue with the kitchen being accessible at all times, I prepared by stocking it with tons of fruits and veggies and meal prepping some meats the weekend before.  I generally only keep healthy food in the house, but for this week, I had to make sure I would have enough for all of my meals and snacks for an entire week so that I wouldn’t be tempted to drive through McDonald’s for an egg mcmuffin just because I ran out of eggs at home!  I made it through the week without an egg mcmuffin, so I think it was successful!  I made fresh juice a few times and had lots of green smoothies.  I snacked on nuts and raw veggies and when I wanted something sweet, I ate fruit instead of running to the store to get ice cream.


My biggest win was with my son.  As a mom, I know that my bad habits can quickly become his bad habits.  Kids look up to the adults in their lives and mimic their actions.  Well, as you guys know, I am an emotional eater and would often want to stop somewhere to get a snack (cookies, ice cream, etc.).  Naturally, my son started to expect this and now he asks to go get snacks all the time.  I know this is my fault and it is not something I’m proud of .  So, as I am working on myself, I am also working on him.

One day I picked him up from school and he insisted we go get ice cream.  Admittedly, I would have loved ice cream that day, but I had to resist for the both of us.  He was upset.  There was a lot of pouting and possibly some tears, but I stayed strong.  I needed to go to the grocery store, so we were suddenly surrounded by all kinds of sugary goodness, but he finally accepted that I was not caving.  Then something magical happened.  He requested a cup of cantaloupe instead!  Yes,!!  We enjoyed the cup of fruit together and he actually tried to keep it all to himself towards the end.  Lol


As parents, we are going to mess up sometimes.  We may inadvertently teach our kids to do things we’d rather they not do.  The important thing to remember is that you still have a chance to purposefully teach them the right thing to do.  I am still fighting my sugar addiction and probably had more during the weekend than I should have.  But, knowing that I have to be a good example to my son has definitely been helping me think twice before picking up a cookie.

 Have you ever noticed a loved one adopting one of your bad habits? 

How did you try to turn the situation around?


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