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Hey guys! Happy Thursday! I thought I set Karlye’s post to go live on Tuesday but it never happened! Oops! Here she is with her weekly update, and sharing the food-prep tools she uses as a mom on the go!

::Screams from the closest mountain top::  I AM SOOO HAPPY LAST WEEK IS OVER!!!

Fit-Mom-MonikerSorry, I just needed to get that out.  Being a mom can be very exhausting and this past week was a rough one for me.  In addition to my (very busy) full-time work schedule and my normal mommy duties, I was also a soccer mom and a party planner.  My son’s 6th birthday is coming up, so all of my free time has been spent running around from store to store looking for all the odds and ends I need to feed and entertain lots of little ones and give my munchkin a party he will remember.

Usually, when I know I am going to be out running around, I pack some healthy snacks and maybe even a meal or two.  I was so unprepared last week, though and found myself in some drive-thru lines (I know, I know.  I’m ashamed!).  I was not eating as many fruits and veggies as I usually do and I just feel awful.  My body is pretty mad at me right now, and I’m pretty mad at myself.  But, I know I can’t beat myself up about it.  So, this week my goal is to move forward and be more prepared!

I have two bags that I really like to use for carrying my food around.  The first one is a Sachi bag.  I love this one because it is spacious, stylish, and insulated!  It looks just like a purse, but it keeps your food cool for hours; just throw in a few ice packs.  It is roomy enough to hold my food as well as snacks for my son, so I like to use it for trips to the zoo or museum, or just for a day of running errands.  I think I ordered mine for about $20 from eBay because I really wanted this style and color and it was no longer available on the Sachi site.  Sachi has a lot of other bags available on their website, so check them out!

Fast Food Essentials

The second bag is by PackIt and it is awesome because it’s freezable!  At night you just fold it up and throw it in the freezer.  In the morning, unfold it and pack it!

Fast Food Essentials

The bag will keep food cool for up to 10 hours and there are no ice packs needed.  I use this one mostly for transporting snacks and meals to work.  I like that I can just keep it at my desk and don’t have to worry about someone stealing my food from the fridge.  I bought this one from Marshalls for less than $20.

These containers are another Marshalls find.  I bought them when I first started meal prepping last year.  I LOVE them because they are glass, leak proof, and pink!  I have several in two different sizes, but I really wish I could find them again because I would love to get more.  The only drawback to these is that they can get pretty heavy if you need to carry a few at a time.


To solve my heavy glass issue, I bought these adorable containers from Target this weekend for $9.99 each.  Peachy pink chevron??  Yes, please!  I could not pass these up; they are just too cute!  These beauties are by Prêt à Paquet.  I purchased the lunch and salad kits.

Fast Food Essentials

They are both leak-proof plastic containers that are BPA free as well as microwave and dishwasher safe.  They come with an insulating neoprene sleeve that keeps your food at an ideal temperature (warm or cool) for up to 3 hours.

Another plus is that each container is divided into portion sizes recommended by nutritionists.  I love that the salad kit comes with an extra cup to keep your dressing separate.  No soggy greens!!  I’m really excited about trying both of these out.


My goal this week is to stay away from fast food drive thrus and create my own “fast food” by taking advantage of these great bags and containers I have.

What items do you use to help keep you on track when life gets hectic and you’re constantly on the go?


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  1. I wish I needed a lunchbox! Those pink chevron striped ones are adorable! Would it be weird to pack a lunch to eat at home? (I guess I already do that with meal prepping hah)

    Posted 3.21.14 Reply
    • Karlye wrote:

      I don’t think that’s weird at all! I totally just ate out of the chevron bowl while at home simply because it made me happy. Hahaha In my opinion, the prettiness of the bowl made the salad even more delectable 🙂

      Posted 3.24.14 Reply