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Fit-Mom-MonikerHello FFABulous people! I have a confession… I get super excited about kitchen gadgets and appliances. I swear I could spend hours in the store perusing the sparkling aisles of kitchen goodies. Am I the only one? Lol
There are tons of nifty gadgets for the kitchen. Although I love to look at them, I live in a small space so I try to resist buying baskets full of kitchen toys that only really serve one purpose. I mean, do I REALLY need a $20 stainless steel pineapple slicer? Not so much; a plain ole’ knife works just fine. Appliances that I use regularly are a totally different story, though!

In this post, I want to talk about my three favorite appliances that I feel help me work towards my goal of living a healthier life.

Blender: First up, is my Blendtec blender! With the overwhelming popularity of of green smoothies in recent years,image there are a lot of blender options on the market. I had been using one of the single-serve type of blenders, but I found that it did nothold up well to my daily use. This girl loves green smoothies for breakfast! So, I decided to splurge and get myself a bigger and more powerful blender for Christmas last year. I was torn between Blendtec and Vitamix, but ultimately, I went with a BlendTec Blender. Regardless of which kind you choose (big or small, affordable or expensive, plain white or hot pink), I highly recommend having a blender that can make bangin’ green smoothies! Lol This week, Sara’s challenge for us is to try a green smoothie. Done and done! Of course my smoothies all contain fruit (I looooooove fruit), but I always make sure at least half the ingredients are veggies. The punch of nutrients a green smoothie gives me is just what I need to start my day. Of course, blenders can be used for tons of things other than smoothies; they truly are a multipurpose appliance. My Blendtec can also make soup and ice cream, and the extra Twister Jar is perfect for making homemade nut butters. If you don’t have a blender, go get one!

Next, is my juicer. This is another appliance that can be affordable or super expensive. There are different kinds, different brands, different sizes, different colors, different everything! Do your research and figure out which juicer best fits your needs. I currently have this By Dash Juicer because it was inexpensive (I got it on sale for less than $50) and it gets the job done. It’s not my ideal choice, but I LOVE the option of making my own fresh juice because sometimes I want to drink in some nutrients without it being as filling as a smoothie. I’ve also always been a sucker for bottled juice, and making my own is much better for my health. Just like my smoothies, I usually use both fruits and veggies, but try to use mostly veggies. I also love adding things like turmeric or ginger. DELICIOUS! I use my fresh juices to curb my sweet tooth, provide my body with extra nutrients, and hydrate myself. If you are someone who can’t go grocery shopping without picking up a bottle of processed fruit juice, or if you like the idea of drinking your fruits and veggies but can’t handle the thickness of a smoothie, consider getting a juicer. I’m so happy I have mine and can’t wait to upgrade in a few years!

Slow Cooker: Last, but not least, is my slow cooker. It’s the newest edition to my kitchen. I’ve been image-2wanting one forever and finally picked one a Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker this past week. I’m already in love! Why didn’t I buy this years ago!? For a single gal, having a slow cooker is like having a husband at home who always has a hot dinner waiting for you when you get in from a long day at work. For you married folks, it could be like having your own personal chef! Haha. Seriously though, my son is always “starving” when I pick him up and tries to talk me into buying fast food if there isn’t something immediately hot and ready for dinner at home. I don’t always like to do big meal preps because I’m an emotional binge eater–having lots of ready-to-eat food around isn’t always the best idea for me. But, my slow cooker has been a life saver! I’m telling you, these things are worth their weight in gold if you’re a busy person who appreciates hot meals. There are tons of healthy slow cooker recipes online that make staying on track a breeze. I’m sold!

What are your favorite kitchen gadgets?

Which one of your appliances helps you eat healthier?

 I’ve linked to each product for easy reference here– BlendTec Blender,  By Dash JuicerHamilton Beach Slow Cooker; however, please note, that these are affiliate links and I will get a commission of you purchase anything through them. 


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