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Happy hump day, FFABulous ladies – Karlye here! This past weekend, my sisters and I headed to a small farm in Fredericksburg, VA, with my son and my nephew to pick strawberries. I have wanted to go strawberry picking for years, so I was pretty pumped. Devin was super excited the entire week leading up to the day we went. It was adorable! We both love strawberries and he was pretty excited about being on a farm.
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We planned to leave the DC area early so that we could get to Braehead Farm when it opened at 10 a.m. to beat the heat and grab some plump berries before the crowds arrived. Unfortunately, we wasted precious time grabbing a bite to eat when we first got there because everyone was starving! We actually ended up eating chicken from the farm’s kitchen while live chickens roamed around; that was awkward! Lol. They were really cute and pretty friendly. One even jumped up on the table to hang out… or maybe she was just judging us and our choice of nourishment. As we ate our food, we watched several families walk back to their cars with baskets full of red berries; I was getting more and more excited!

image-3(You see those big red strawberries?? Those weren’t there when we were there!) *photo credit*

We finished eating and went inside to grab our baskets and then headed to the field. It wasn’t long until we realized all those families rolling out with baskets and baskets of berries didn’t leave much for anyone else! The pickings were slim and my dream of Devin and I actually filling up both of our baskets was quickly fading away. We were so bummed. Nevertheless, we walked up and down the rows of crops and picked as many ripe berries as we could until we could no longer take the heat. I refused to stop until I AT LEAST picked enough to cover the bottom of my basket! Hahaha.


We went back inside to have our bounty weighed and were told the plants would replenish themselves with ripe berries in just a couple of days. That wasn’t helping us that day, but knowing the berries ripen so fast gave me hope that if we came back another weekend and actually started picking as soon as the farm opened, maybe we would leave with a full basket of plump, juicy strawberries (or straw-babies as Devin used to call them lol). Although I was disappointed, Dev was proud of the berries he picked and talked about how much fun he had. In the end, that’s all that matters.

P.S. I was also sore the next morning! All that walking and picking was a workout!

Anyway, last week I told you guys I was going to do JJ Smith’s 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse to help detox my body. My plan was to start yesterday, but I woke up and ate breakfast without even thinking about it. Oops! I followed the cleanse for the rest of the day, but because I slipped up in the morning, I decided to start Tuesday.

To prep for the cleanse, I will make my daily smoothies every morning and store them in mason jars. I’ll take them to work or wherever I need to go packed inside my Pack-it. I bought this cute little kit from Target so that I can easily convert my mason jars into drink ware when I’m ready to sip on a smoothie. I also prepped some celery, carrots, and cucumbers, measured and bagged raw almonds, and boiled a few eggs for snacks. I’m ready to go! Wish me luck!! I plan to share all the juicy details next week! 🙂

Just for fun, here is the picture of me doing a farmer’s carry at work with water jugs at work! Lol. My coworker told me I should also lift them a few times to get in an extra workout. Hahaha. This picture was taken mid-lift. Who says you can’t workout in a dress?!?


Have you ever picked your own produce?

What other kinds of healthy activities do you do with your family and friends?


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