Four Great Sources for Transformation Stories

Last night was the finale of the Biggest Loser’s Season 14. I didn’t watch it, but everyone is talking about the transformations today. They are absolutely incredible!! 
This is the season winner, Danni and she lost a whopping 121 lbs:   

Biggest Loser Danni

via Yahoo News 

You can see the other Biggest Loser transformations by clicking the Yahoo News link above. They are all pretty amazing and very, very motivating, which brings me to today’s post– Four Great Sources for Transformation Stories!

If you’re on a weight loss journey, chances are you love before and after photos, you love transformation stories! They’re just so encouraging. right? Especially if you find a person you can relate to (who may be the same starting weight or height as you) and you can envision yourself meeting your goals, just as they have met theirs!  Transformation stories usually come with a slew of great tips and advice, too; some even detail diets and workout regimines (like those here on Fit for a Bride). All of that added motivation is why I compiled this list, an endless well of weight loss success! Go ahead, dive in!

:: Half Size Me ::

Heather lost 170 lbs and decided to help others find the motivation to do the same by sharing podcast weight loss stories on her blog, Half Size Me. Each amazing story comes with links to awesome resources and she’s almost got a total of 60 podcasts! Sit back, tune in, and be inspired!

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 10.55.30 PM

:: MyFitnessPal ::  

The Success Stories page on MFP is updated several times a day and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of success stories! Personally, I love that the stories are from REAL people, losing weight the REAL way (no gimmicks or quick fixes), and the photos are REAL too (no photoshop)! 

Even better still is that the ‘loser’ is just a click away should you have a question about their method, or just want to say “GREAT JOB!” That’s the true definition of community, in my opinion.

Success Stories


On MFP you can also look for posts that are specific to your goals. Today I found a thread “5’6 who have lost 30-50 lbs, post your success pics!” That’s the PERFECT board for me because that’s my height and I’m trying to about 20 lbs! I’ve also seen “30 Day Shred Before and After Pics,” which is also perfect since I’m half-way through Jillian’s shred myself!

:: NBC’s the Biggest Loser ::

What’s 14 seasons of weight loss look like? A SEEMINGLY ENDLESS WELL OF WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION!

Even if you don’t watch the show, seeing the before and after photos, and reading the stories of these men and women will definitely motivate you.

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 10.44.27 PM

Another idea is to check out past episodes and seasons- there’s been a lot! I haven’t kept up with it at all but several of my friends say it’s extremely motivating! If you’re in a rut consider pulling up a few past episodes on Hulu or from Netflix and see if you’re not inspired! (I know Jillian [aka “TV’s toughest trainer”] alone gets me focused, quit!)  

::  :: is a great resource for a number of things, from workouts to learning about supplements, to just about anything weight loss/weight lifting related, but my favorite feature is the weekly transformation stories. They’re broken into categories: men, women, teens, etc., and they’re very inspiring!

Weight Loss Success

On, they almost always detail what the diet and fitness routine was; they also include the person’s email address, in case you want to email them to say you’ve been inspired, or ask questions! I think that’s pretty cool! The only “con” is that a lot of the “after” stories are fitness models, not just your average ladies! If you’re looking for something more “realistic,” or long-term, you may want to look elsewhere.

Of course those aren’t the only palHere are some other sources for transformation stories! Happy motivation!

Where do you get your motivation? What are your favorite resources?

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