Get Motivated March // Week Two

I hope you had a fabulous start to the month of March! I know I did! 🙂 I’ve found the Get Motivated March daily challenges very inspiring! During the first part of the week I meal prepped, then I got busy with each challenge, taking a picture in a bikini, measuring, planning my reward, and making a vision board!


I actually resisted doing these things at first, but let me tell you, once I did, it started working immediately! Making the vision board especially – hanging up the bikini I wore on our honeymoon and writing out my goals + rewards – has me pumped to have a healthy day!


These CrossFit shoes on my rewards list might have something to do with my motivation as well! 🙂

I put these quotes on the board as motivation as well:

You can’t because you keep saying you can’t!

People are what they do, not what they say!

Since we’re getting ready to start week two, I wanted to briefly explain each of the challenges that you’ll see on the calendar this week. Remember, you can jump in at any point or just do one challenge per week if you prefer!

Get Motivated

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March 9: Buy a Healthy Mag! 

Healthy magazines are full of awesome health tips, new recipes, and workouts. My favorite get-motivated magazine is Oxygen, but I also love Self, Running, and Health magazine too! Start your week off this week looking through a healthy magazine and if you learn something, try to incorporate it right away!


March 10: Add a Veggie a Day!

If you can, for the rest of the week, add a vegetable a day to your diet! That could be bell peppers or spinach in your breakfast omelette or carrots in place of chips with your lunch. Vegetables are incredibly versatile and can usually be worked into breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

March 11: Park Farther Away! 

Park your car farther away than usual to encourage a little extra walking today! Walking is the easiest form or exercise, but guess what? It’s just as effective! If you’re running errands or park

March 12: Make a Pinterest Board! 

I looooooove Pinterest, if you couldn’t already tell! The ideas and images are endless! Make a Pinterest Board to inspire you and the goals you want to accomplish this year. Call it “New Me,” “2014 Makeover” or, like mine, “2014 Health Goals.” I already got started my board and it really shows off what I want more of this year — more health-food reading, more weight lifting, and more time trying to do things like rope climbs and pull-ups.

March 13: Just Water Today! 

It’s just one day – you can do it! 🙂 Ditch the soda, tea, and juices, and just drink some water! Even ditch the coffee – today, replace it with warm water with lemon! It will instantly energize you and though you may miss your beloved morning-time friend (coffee!) you’ll survive – I promise!


March 14: Tell a Friend!

Whether it’s your spouse, coworker or best friend of 10 years, share with someone the your goal. Talk through why you’re doing this – why you want to do this – should do this – need to do this!! And, if you’re really feeling motivated, ask that friend to help hold you accountable! Ask that they remind of you this conversation if and when they see you grabbing for the wrong things!

March 15: Read or Watch Something 

I got a head start on this challenge, too and started watching Forks Over Knives on Netflix last night. Wow! What an eye-opener! As I went to make my coffee (laden with creamer), eggs, and bacon this morning, I couldn’t help but think back on the movie. Aaron has been texting me all morning with his thoughts on what we learned from the movie as well! GET KNOWLEDGE people! Watch and read about healthy living, soak it in, and begin your baby steps towards a better tomorrow! Knowledge far outlasts motivation, and can be a much more helpful tool for life than a jolt of “I want to wear a bikini!”

I’d love to hear or see how your challenges are going! Post photos to Instagram with the hashtag #FFABMarch! 

How’s March going for you so far?

Have you seen Forks Over Knives?

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  1. I can’t wait for my shopping spree reward! I have no idea what I’ll buy and I’m sure I’ll do what I normally do which is go in planning to spend lots and then realize my nerves about spending show up (i.e. penny pincher ways) and I’ll walk out with nothing… But I sure as heck am looking forward to go into that fitting room!!! YES!

    Posted 3.7.14 Reply
    • Sara wrote:

      I am the same way! That’s why I loved (loved!) your idea to buy the rewards in advance and wrap them! Genius!

      Posted 3.8.14 Reply