Inauguration Day: At-Home Workout

Morning lovelies and Happy Martin Luther King day! How is everyone? Are you ready for the inauguration?
No doubt there’s going to be coverage ALL day, on practically every channel, so I thought I’d put together a workout you could do WHILE you watch! I remember seeing something like this during the debates and each time a word was said, onlookers were to take a drink! Well, of course, that’s no good for fit brides or us married girls trying to get in shape, so here’s a healthy twist!

Turn on the news and each time you hear one of these words, follow up with the correlating exercise!

Best part: you don’t need ANY equipment!


A few notes:

*You don’t have to do all of these; just pick a few words! I promise you’ll still get a workout!

*When you’re doing an exercise, tune out the TV! Don’t try to keep up with every time one of these words are said!

*Set a time limit. Do this for 30 or 45 minutes! Do it until you work up a really good sweat!

Let me know what you think!! I’m doing this first thing in the morning!

Happy Inauguration Day!

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