Introducing #MotivatedMondays: Motivational Quotes & Insa-Motivation

To help you beat the Monday blues, I’m starting a new feature called #motivatedmondays! I stole the hashtag from Instagram- do you have an account? I do and I love searching for healthy hashtags like #fitness, #crossfit, #weightloss, and #cleaneating. When I stumbled upon #motivatedmondays, it was insta-motiavation! Seeing this girl do burpees in the sand and this girl finish up leg day with ‘1000 punches,’ really made me want to work up a sweat too!
If Instagram isn’t your thing, try this on for size:


I made this graphic for myself, too, by the way. I was in a post-holiday rut last week using the ole’ I’m-too-busy-I’ll-start-Monday excuse!

That ends TODAY.

It’s FOUR PERCENT people! Lets do this!

ALSO, when you work out today, snap a photo and hashtag #fitforabride and #motivatedmondays, and I’ll do the same! It’s the start of a new week and a new year! Lets make it great!

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