{May Goals}

Hey guys! Happy Monday!
There’s a lot going on and this is one of those brain-dump posts- please bear with me!

First of all, how was your weekend?

Mine was wonderful! I stuck to my meal plan (cue the confetti!!!) and, I got to try a new workout: barre!


Barre was PHENOMENAL! It was so much fun, and a lot harder than I imagined it would be! I’m writing a full review of the studio we attended. So stay tuned for that!

Along those same lines, the barre photoshoot with Cynthia Kain is TOMORROW! Yes, tomorrow. I cannot believe it, y’all. It’s finally happening! This has been in the works since February and it has challenged me on so many levels! Coming up with the storyline, buying all the props, coordinating with a stationer to have the invitations made, getting them printed, packing everything up- it’s been like a mini-wedding in my world! Needless to say, I’ve been freaking out about it- terrified I’m not ‘ready!’ But, I’m finally beginning to get excited (today, the day before). Finally! Ghadeer is going with me and she’s been steadily giving me pep talks, so I’m thinking that might be helping! 🙂 I’ll definitely keep you guys posted on how it goes!

Now, onto May goals!

As you know, I’m working on sticking to my meal plan and doing more weekend workouts this month with the May-ke it Happen Challenge, and so far, that’s going great! I don’t have a lot of other goals for this month because I know I’ll need a major breather after the photoshoot, but there is this one thing… 

*The NASM exam- So, my exam is in less than 3 weeks and I still feel pretty unenthusiastic about it. I’m just not ready. Period. I hate to say that and put such negativity into the universe (I’m usually so positive) but I haven’t studied. I probably shouldn’t have scheduled a photoshoot during the final months leading up to the exam (distraction?), but the good news is that I haven’t given up! I plan to continue reading and studying, and doing the very best I can on test day. I’m encouraged by the fact that I’ve been receiving a lot of inquires from friends (and some family!) for meal plans and workouts. THAT excites me! Please always feel free to email or Instagram me with your health and fitness stories, concerns, questions, whatever!

A review of last month’s goals:

1. Early mornings. I started off the month rockin’ at early mornings. I was amazed by how much extra time I had to get ready, living so much closer to work, but this past week I’ve struggled to get up on time.  This is a constant work-in-progress goal of mine.

2. Meal planning. I went a step further and did some meal prepping! Woo hoo! I’m also into week two of my meal plan challenge and guys: I’m down a pound and a half already!! This is such a confidence booster because I KNOW what to eat and I LOVE healthy foods (the meal plan hasn’t felt restrictive at all). I’m definitely motivated to keep up the good work!

3. A Virtuous Wife.I haven’t been reading the Virtuous Wife but I have been packing Aaron’s lunch, which is an idea I got from reading this blog. I think that’s a win!

4. Continue my at-home workouts.I haven’t done any at-home workouts. I got into a groove in our old apartment, but I haven’t found that groove in our new one yet. We’re working on creating a gym in one of our spare bedrooms, complete with a stationary bike and weight bench, so I know at-home workouts will happen again soon.

5. Blog Maintenance. Eh. I don’t know that I can EVER say this is done; there’s always a million things to do for the blog, but I have been making more time for blog writing, which is good.

6. NASM.I haven’t found a lot of time to study with photoshoot prep, but that’s going to change after tomorrow!

What are your goals for May?

Are you participating in the May-ke It Happen Challenge? I hope you are!!

What did you accomplish in April? 

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