Challenge: May-ke it Happen

It’s Monday and I’m motivated! Well, actually, I’m stressed… I have exactly one week to get everything finalized for the photoshoot and while there really isn’t THAT much left to do, it feels like the weight of the world on my shoulders! Please pray for me!

I am, however, motivated about May. MAY IS IN JUST TWO DAYS Y’ALL! May is just about half-way through the year, too. HALF-WAY through 2013! Seriously, where has the time gone?  Dare I ask if you’ve kept to your New Year’s resolutions?

Let’s get real this morning, guys. I wanna know: what’s been nagging you all year? What’s that ONE thing you’ve been trying to make happen, that you just can’t seem to do? Or, what is something that happened throughout April that you didn’t like? Stops at fast food restaurants? Failed workout attempts? Too much Easter candy? Spill the beans in the comments… but then tell me what you’re going to change in May.

I want to challenge each of you to pick one or two things that you are going to commit to accomplish this month.

Tomorrow I will have a  a downloadable calendar for you to print and post in your bathroom, on your fridge, or in your cube, and each day, as you accomplish your goal, *because YOU WILL* I want you to mark off the day! I’m going to gift one lucky reader a SURPRISE if they accomplish their goal(s). If several of you accomplish your goals- AWESOME! I want all of us to MAKE IT HAPPEN this month!


Two things:

1.) Commit Letter to Self: I love dramatic declarations. If I’m making a change, I want to make it with a bang. I want you to write yourself a short letter…

Dear self,

I am ready to accomplish x, y, and z. I’m signing this paper as a commitment to myself, above all things- family, stress, work, friends- that THIS month, THIS is what matters.


your signature.

I’m asking my husband to sign-off on  mine. He’ll know if I’m slipping and he’ll set me straight. If it helps you to have a witness, get one. Whatever formalizes this for you- do it! I’ll be instagramming a photo of my commit letter- please share yours and tag @fitforabrideblog!

2.) Calendar: Track your progress. Plan ahead. Look at the calendar and estimate the days when sticking to your goal will be more difficult. I’m going out of town next weekend so I know that’s going to make sticking to my meal plan hard- I’ll be at my husband’s grandmother’s house for dinner that weekend. I ALREADY know that. I’m marking that day ahead of time. What days will you just not be able to swing? Mark them as OK- but only give yourself a handful. After all, it’s only 31 days in the month of May. You should be able to give your goals at least 25!


  • I’m committing to stick to my meal plan. I tried (and pretty much failed at this) back in February. I only stuck to it for a week. This time, I’m committing to meal plan and meal prep for the entire MONTH. It’s actually only four weeks and the first week is done- meal prepping yesterday felt AWESOME. Three more weeks to go. If you guys want to keep me accountable, check out my open diary on MyFitnessPal and below is this week’s meal plan!


  • As far as workouts, I’m committing to doing something on Saturday and/or Sunday. I used to get up and run 8, 10, 12 miles on Saturday (when I was marathon training), and nowadays, I’m lucky if I’m up and moving before 10am! I don’t plan to run that far, but I’ll be happy if I get up and walk, go to the park, run, or even do a workout at home. Something is always better than nothing.

What is your commitment this month?

Meal planning, too? Meal prepping? Working out 5 days a week? Tracking in MyFitnessPal? Giving up fast food? Giving up gluten or diary, or sweets? 

Feel free to share your commitment in the comments and instagram me a pic of your commitment letter.

Come back tomorrow for your calendar and then Wednesday, let’s start this month with a bang!!!

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