Motivated Monday

We haven’t had a motivated monday post in awhile and I really need it this week. I’ve been strugging to balance everything going on in my life: the blog, crossfit, paleo meal planning and all the usual stuff like family get-togethers, keeping in touch with friends, and getting enough sleep at night!
Has anyone else’s life been just plain hectic lately?

Things aren’t slowing down either! I have two trips planned in October, one in November and a big one in December. Not to mention the big plans I have for this blog in coming months, plus applying to grad school and eventually taking that stinkin’ nasm test. Phew!! I’m exhausted just thinking about all of it! Then I remember:


Everything I’m working on from the day-to-day of working out and getting enough sleep to the bigger, broader goals is worth the overwhelm I somtimes feel. And while I may have to fight for time on the weekend to blog and meal prep, it’s alway so worth it when I do. Not to mention the outcome: healthier living, a beautiful blog, and eventually a master’s a degree, a bootcamp… career satisfaction.

I’m curious: What are you strugging with right now?

Do you have a lot on your plate?

What are you fighting for that just won’t come easy?

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